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Visit the Louvre and Christina Tosi’s Kitchen https://t.co/pmVhE9y2ig

Gather safely my friends. Enjoy the summer. https://t.co/QYOTgt35FF

Reflecting on Summer Camp in Our Campless Summer https://t.co/nmUNSrGxlY

The Well Summer Workout Challenge https://t.co/RTqbPoZ7OG

Breaking: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has issued a nearly statewide mask mandate. The order requires "all Texans to wear a face covering over the nose and mouth in public spaces in counties with 20 or more positive COVID-19 cases, with few exceptions." https://t.co/i8aKmUZIxx

Weekly Health Quiz: Coronavirus, a New Drug and Bedbugs https://t.co/Fzpelc7ZeO

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Tied to Increased Dementia Risk https://t.co/2OzRGgdVDg

‘Defund the Police’? Easy for You to Say https://t.co/4VOUqYKmgP

We're number 27! We're number 27! The U.S. is 27th in the world for Covid testing per million population - about 101,500/mil. Countries like Denmark 181K/mil, UK 138K per mil, Russia 134K/mil, Spain 110K/mil. https://t.co/0vmTZFaRLW

Here’s What Recovery from Covid-19 May Look Like for Many Survivors https://t.co/bsdKdbjs6w

Quoted @BestFoodBlogEVR

Who has leftover deviled eggs? That’s like saying leftover chocolate cake or some such nonsense. https://t.co/7QTxbh6c5q

This thoughtful discussion about deviled eggs between @bestfoodblogevr and @melissaclark is what you need right now. https://t.co/9mCUF2trh3

Here's why bars pose so much risk. Take your cocktail or mocktail outdoors! https://t.co/N4Q3VrtMxs

Revisiting a New York That Doesn’t Currently Exist https://t.co/e2al3t5lxp

Quoted @SamInSilico

1/2 Just closely read the text I got from my plumbing company (My Georgia Plumber). They proudly state that their technicians will not wear masks unless you pay a PPE surcharge, and cite current Georgia recs as to why. Thank you @BrianKempGA for trying to kill us.

In Georgia, a plumbing company charges you if you want a tech to wear a mask? They called it a PPE surcharge. https://t.co/loJQNO3vQf

Do the benefits of summer camp outweigh the risks of coronoavirus? These companies are trying to ease parents' minds by offering frequent testing protocols. https://t.co/G9v0B0D7nT

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