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Analysis: Is Kamala Harris a liberal extremist or a snub to liberal extremists? The GOP can’t decide.

Donald Trump wants to keep “low income housing” out of the suburbs. Because there’s nothing scarier than that... is there?

Quoted @Acyn

Ari Fleischer: She’s just not that historically exciting to African Americans

Ari Fleischer knows exactly what African Americans think about everything... that's why he's on @FoxNews with a whole bunch of other white people.

They won't turn out for him. SAD!

Quoted @BillKristol

Just an innocent thought: We’ve seen Biden in office for over four decades, and we’ve seen Trump nonstop for the last four years. We’ve seen enough to make up our minds about them. So let’s skip the presidential debates but have three vice-presidential debates.

Kamala will leave Pence as a blubbering mass of white haired flesh on the stage.

When that day arrives in Januaryi will miss having them as allies. Divorces are always painful. But at least we can get back to the business of building a better America for posterity./6 and last.

I know that once Trump has been cast into the shithole of history ask of our feet will hit the floor and we will resume the normal business of tearing each other to pieces over the fine points of public policy. /5

Removing him from power is an imperative that transcends ideology. You cannot love this country and simultaneously support the re-election of The White House Gangster and his criminal crew. /4

Those folks I’ve named don’t share that vision. And thus the talent of Donald Trump. If he can unite right wing Jews and Nazis under the same tent then he can unite a lifelong liberal like me with conservatives. /3

My vision of the kind of America I want my grandchildren to inhabit is different from theirs. I’m pro-choice, pro-LGBT equality, pro-health care as part of our American citizenship, pero-secular public education etc. /2

Quoted @nyprphd

@HeathMayo @gtconway3d No real conservative can support the re-election of Trump.

They say that politics makes strange bedfellows. These days I’m rolling in the sack with the crew at the Lincoln Project, Max Boot, Jennifer Rubin and now Heath Mayo, a real conservative Texan with 40K followers. /1

roxane gay
2 days ago

The real winner today is Maya Rudolph.

Kamala Harris’s immigrant parents--Shyamala Gopalan and Donald Harris:

Kamala Harris’s immigrant parents--Shyamala Gopalan and Donald Harris:

2 days ago

Kamala was my first choice for POTUS last year. I voted for Liz on Super Tuesday after Kamala dropped out. I've never voted for Joe. November will be the first time. And I'll vote for Kamala for POTUS in 2024.

2 days ago


2 days ago

So it's Kamala?

Just a few dozen showed up for a Trump campaign rally in the Orlando area featuring Eric Trump. The rally was held in a used car parking lot.

Trump’s entire presidency has been an affront to what conservatives used to think their movement was all about. And yet at every step of the way, Sens. Rubio, Hawley, Cotton and Sasse have been Trump’s willing accomplices. @PostOpinions

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