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im really the sweetest and can’t nobody take that away from me.🥺

Quoted @kenyanecole

niggas mad at me cause I can’t be handled , I’m like the koolest bitch too have & love but I’m not to be played with at all on no levels under no sucka sh*t circumstances !!

Periodt https://t.co/ryX0lq7woK

Damn rip Nino ima miss you nigga I love you 4L ❤️🙏🏾

I’m gone just focus on myself

I’m thankful for the genuine people in my life an the ones who go out they way for me to never gain nun from me I’m thankful for dem

No announcements... just do that shit!

It’s kinda scary how u just have to HOPE ppl are telling u the truth.

U don’t kno da truth about people til y’all fall out

24 days ago

I hate when I get mad I turn into a different person

Quoted @NoCap

I wish I could’ve did u how u did me😔

... https://t.co/0NO1L6hvaj

24 days ago

You gotta remember you too raw for somebody who unsure about you.💙

My birthday is already starting off horrible.

Once you pick a side make sure to stay dere⚖️

wanna vent but i know it ain’t safe

i want so much for myself i think about it all day everyday

September, October, November, December please be good to me 🙌🏾

Quoted @mknavrzzzzzzz_

I’m that person who sticks around longer than I should. But once I’m gone, I’m gone

!!!!!! https://t.co/akqPrC5ysv

I’m that person who sticks around longer than I should. But once I’m gone, I’m gone

The elites are born . September, October, November and December. Do not argue wid mi 😂

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