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Back to Bendemeer Food Centre and Market today with NorthStar Outreach! Mature estate with mature thoughts, "Our HDB is worth nil at the end of the day, we have been taken for a ride." NSP hears you and you know we will definitely champion for you.

Day or Night, NSP is walking the ground and building relationships with our residents. Residents at Tampines are not just feeling the heat from the weather but also the heat from the imminent Anti-Fake News...

Visit to Yishun Food Market Blk 105 on Sunday. We met and chat with many residents who are deeply concerned with the direction Singapore is heading. Some of the few topics shared with us: 1. HIGHLY... Have you checked your eligibility? It is very clear indication the...

Sunday Outreach to residents in Tampines! Very engaging conversations with residents throughout our walk. Many are disappointed and disillusioned with the Budget citing how the PAP hands out crumbs but taxes you with an axe.

Glaring!!! 2016 zika outbreak MOH slow to start investigations earlier 2017 AGO flagged MOH for spending 4.08million without verifying needs for these expenditures and...

NSP CALLS FOR ACCOUNTABILITY AND COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY FROM THE SAF The National Solidarity Party (NSP) conveys our deepest condolences to the family of Aloysius...

Introducing our 1st issue of 2019 NSP party newsletter, NorthStar to Tampines GRC! Heartfelt thanks for the support and encouragement from the residents! We hear you!

While we welcome 2019 as it approaches and 2018 coming to a close, let us be mindful of the...

Sunday House Visits always bring us closer to one another. We feel so energised with all the encouragement and support. Thank you residents of Tampines Ave 4 Blk 902 and 903. We will visit you very soon again!

House visits to our Tampines Residents! Every visit brings new insights on what our residents are concerned about. If you have missed us, do drop us an email or Facebook message! Thank you residents of Blk 444,445 and 446! We will definitely be back again! — feeling awesome

We would like to bring our Main Stream Media friends' attention on their usage of our Party's name and logo in their recent publications. We hope our journalists can adhere to the high ethic standards of journalism in their...

Sunday House Visits always bring us closer to one another. Tampines Ave 4 Blk 902 & 903. Energised with all the encouragement and support!

Stop the micro management!!! Hawkers, being self employed and business owners, they certainly know how to price their food and manage their business timings to remain...

How much profit is enough? On 30th October, Singaporeans were once again shocked with a news release of a 6 cents increase for all buses and train...

How much profit is enough? On 30th October, Singaporeans were once again jolted with the news release of a 6 cents increase for all buses and train service effective on 29th December after a series of ruthless...

Walk the Talk. Well said DPM Tharman. We could learn from it. In light of the recent downward spiral in our National soccer team in FIFA ranking, we reckon that more could be done for our aspiring talents. The English...

More than $1 billion profit was made by Singapore Powers in 2017. Despite generating power using natural gas, prices have been dependent on an assortment of other...

New cooling measures for housing: New measures that came in place to cool the Singapore property market with immediate effect includes Increased ABSD (additional buyer stamp duty) and LTV (loan to value)...

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