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We looked inside some of the tweets by @nowthisnews and here's what we found interesting.

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HOW TRUMP IS USING LAWFARE TO SUBVERT DEMOCRACY: With days to go until Election Day, courts are already making decisions with serious implications for the race, @LeahLitman breaks down what’s at stake

EXCLUSIVE: Chris Pratt wasn't asked to attend the Biden campaign's 'Avengers' fundraiser 'because he was halfway across the world in a different time zone', director Joe Russo says in an interview with NowThis

Rep. @AOC played ‘Among Us’ on Twitch Tuesday night to an audience of 4.5M viewers. During the 3-hour stream, she was joined by Rep. @IlhanMN and high-profile gamers to discuss the election, voting, and other pressing issues

There are some troubling indicators that Pres. Trump could try to steal the election. Here's why voting early in-person is the best defense against that.

11 minutes ago

Obama goes off on Republicans and the ACA: ’Where is this great plan to replace Obamacare? They’ve had 10 years to do it. There is no plan! They’ve never had one’

21 minutes ago

This Soviet-era ‘Sea Monster’ is reappearing 30 years after the fall of the Soviet Union ✈️

31 minutes ago

These furry bandits were spotted roaming around a bank in Redwood City, California, this week. The Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA were able to safely shoo the animals outside 🏦 🦝 🦝

41 minutes ago

A giant inflatable #Borat was spotted on the River Thames in London ahead of the sequel ‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm’ dropping on Amazon Friday

Remember ‘Boaty McBoatface?’ The British research ship that was eventually named the RRS Sir David Attenborough is setting off for its first technical trials. The ship is set to conduct research in Antarctica in 2021

Obama blasts Trump’s economic failures: ’He did inherit the longest streak of job growth in American history, but just like everything else he inherited, he messed it up’

JACKIE FIELDER: RUNNING FOR STATE SENATE: California state Senate candidate Jackie Fielder joins #TheBriefing to discuss her first-time bid for elected office and what she plans to do if elected.

‘It affects how our children see things, and it affects the ways our families get along. It affects how the world looks at America. That behavior matters. Character matters’ — Pres. Obama ripped into Pres. Trump’s behavior while campaigning for Biden in Pennsylvania

Trump claims he helped Michigan Gov. Whitmer and then went on to criticize her again in the same breath. Right-wing terrorists were recently arrested for plotting to kidnap and kill Gov. Whitmer

Trump claims he doesn’t encourage his rally goers to say ‘lock her up.’ ROLL 🗣 THE 🗣 TAPE 🗣

Why weed advocate @pot_handbook is voting for Biden: ’I want to end America’s racist and oppressive war on cannabis as soon as possible’

Not only is the water in Georgia rising, but the land is sinking, making marginalized communities susceptible to health and economic disparity — here's why @BillNye wants residents to #VoteForScience this year

Trump flops from saying he ‘will’ come up with a new health care plan to saying they’ve already come up with ‘many plans’ within the span of a minute and a half

Hormel is releasing a spicy new chili made with Carolina reapers and ghost peppers that it’s calling ‘the world’s hottest chili’

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