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SVPod: Cheddar biscuits, house flex, play calls and the NFC West with @KliffKingsbury I am not here for @TravisRockhold @CoachFick blasphemy. Somehow we argued about ketchup/mustard on hotdogs when I thought the pod was over.

Quoted @RobDauster

I couldn’t be more excited to announce the launch of Field Of 68 Media, a podcast and digital media network dedicated to college basketball and starring the people that know the sport the best. Here’s the official press release:

If you love CBB, this will be tremendous. Best to all who are part of this project.

Quoted @DocsLocks

@notthefakeSVP What a horrible game. Entertaining, but just crap baseball in the World Series

I mean...there were no sports for months. If you want to log on to twitter dot com and bitch about a game like this, just go to bed.

Oh my.

Can that please be a TD? I root harder for “Winners” than I did for terrible three team teasers when I was in Ellicott Hall.

Gambling is difficult. Thanks IU/PSU. I mean, honestly....

SVPod @joelmchale on the Card Sharks reboot and the Gene Rayburn mic yes/no? @StanfordSteve82 and Joel on early 90’s @UW_Football tight end legends. A donut/drug mule update and welcome back @bigten can we please lose the divisions?

Can’t go on a 99 yard march if you don’t fair catch it at the one.

Advantage....Will Smith.

Quoted @yawgeezmusic

@KingJosiah54 Lakers Championship Piece. Yall might like this!!

Only person I ever heard win Hate it or Love it with @rude_jude was my guy @yawgeezmusic He’s at it again. See you at the top, my friend.

SVPod: A visit with @Holgorsendana who knows too well the challenges of this CFB season. Also, I think I am now co/co OC (throw it to 5) Steve asks the important stuff: most he ever spent on jeans? @StanfordSteve82 vs. fireworks and the word naive.

Run it back.

Absurd basketball game. High, high level.

SVPod: An appeal to someone...anyone to be a drug mule (but with donuts) Shout to @LymanOrchards The embarrassing simple thing I just can’t figure out. Favorite NFL stat through 4 weeks and the @OutsiderMike donkey story remembered.

A hero (and significant) to some.

As a non musician, anyone who can play an instrument impresses me. What's mind blowing is how a genius like Eddie Van Halen can pick up that instrument and make it make a sound only they can. One that's instantly recognizable and will be forever.

A little tired of all these people using social media to promote @hulu. I would certainly never use mine to say “Watch ESPN Live on Hulu” #VerySponsoredPost #Ad #HuluHasLiveSports #WatchESPNLiveOnHulu

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