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Is now a good time to talk about common sense gun control?

Hey @chrisdelia how are your abs lol

Democrats, we are now officially RUTH-LESS.

Is now a good time to talk about common sense gun control?

Normalize cutting the pizza before putting it in the oven.

this is a pretty wild compilation

I keep forgetting that The Cure is the best band ever.

AMERICA: Let’s open up everything just enough to spread Covid but not enough to be enjoyable.

TRUMP:”Send kids to school to learn science!”

Did I miss Infrastructure Week again?

Leonardo DiCaprio has a bigger belly than me. Let that sink in.

When the pandemic came I thought, “well at least theres not riots.”

Hey ladies, from now on in sex we wear masks. Rules is rules.

Coronavirus taught me one thing: STEP THE FUCK BACK THANKS

Never thought I would follow my doctor on Facebook but here we are.

I just deleted Fandango

Oh wait, all this time I thought we were supposed to be Emotionally Distancing!

What I have learned through this is that we really dont like each other that much.

Coronavirus is a lot like .. Twitter.

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