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I’m dramatic✨ little & mean in person. Meaner on the internet. CEO of block him & fuck his friends.

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My favorite part about nice guys is that I get to destroy them

I’m doing a mass Reiki healing tonight, healing any unresolved trauma that may be preventing you from transforming into your Purest expression This will release suppressed energy & put you in a receptive state *Must RT+Comment ur fav emoji to consent to receiving this healing💜

Whenever my dad talks about Trump I realize how easy it would be to get him to join a cult. So I’m going build a bunker & convince him that our air has been poisoned. He cant leave the bunker & the only way to survive is to eat expired yogurt & give all his money to emperor Zerg

Remember ✨if he wanted to, he would✨. Just go fuck his friends, sis.

Wanna hear embarrassing? I had a crush on this man at one point even though I knew it was NEVER going to be reciprocated. I had a better chance of getting hit by a truck and getting struck by lightning at the same time. I really be the dumbest bitch alive 😂

“Nikki, we got to vote in school today. I voted for Biden. Are you going to vote for him? Are any of your friends voting for Trump? I hope not. He’s mean and fat”-Ben

I need to find myself a man that actually likes me because all I want for Christmas is a hoodie.

2 days ago

i can no longer accept bare minimum efforts from any person

I don’t ask for much. Just some time and a little effort. If you can’t give me that, please don’t waste my time.

7 days ago
Just remember I’m always joking unless you’re down

Just remember I’m always joking unless you’re down

Not to suck my own dick or anything but I killed these 2 presentations.

Two presentations in one day. Solid.

My phone has been changing “you” to “yoh” and I hear Homer Simpson in my head every time

All of my friends be tweeting that they had a good night and my heart is soaring🥺🥺💕💕

I cannot stress this enough: ALWAYS FLIRT WITH YOUR PIZZA GUY. I just got 4 pies and 3 dozen garlic knots for under $60.

I don’t like feeling like friendships have changed. Going from constantly talking to someone to barely speaking makes me so sad and pouty.

To anyone who runs out and gets the latest iPhone as soon as it’s released: how does it feel to have a shrimp dick?

Tinder has taught me that cops are some of the nastiest freaks alive.

It’s so cute how I put leftovers in my fridge and pretend I’m going to touch them again.

If he’s a bitch this is the type of head he deserves

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