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Melbourne's most intimate and twisted Bar/Nightclub

Melbourne CBD
Joined on August 14, 2009

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Brian Fantana & his Thick as Thieves comrades Radiator and Damon Walsh join the Eat The Beat : Markantonio & Ramon Tapia party this Saturday night.... >> Eat The Beat & Thick As Thieves : Together

Tonight is the night, are you ready for Eat The Beat : Markantonio & Ramon Tapia!? "Two international DJs, different background, same passion for underground Music! Join us for an event full of talents...

Hey you... whatcha doing!? Come join us at Chiladelphia. from 4pm!

Saturday night is going to be WILD >> Eat The Beat : Markantonio & Ramon Tapia πŸ’›πŸ”₯

Thank you all for making last Saturday unforgettable, Eat The Beat was full of good vibes from the beginning to the end. Stay tuned for the Special Event of this week: Eat The Beat : Markantonio & Ramon Tapia

Looking for something to do until 10pm?! Come down to Chiladelphia. - we're open, warm and dry!

Guerns feat. Reallynicedad & Rev Lon - tonight from 10pm! Free entry until 11pm $5 After! Drink specials all night, DJ's 'til 5! πŸ’›

Don't forget, we're open 4-10pm EVERY Friday for Chiladelphia. We flip this joint into a perfect bar/lounge/function space before we flip it back ready for club nights at 10pm.

Last Saturday Eat The Beat with MARCO EFFE was amazing. Check out the video below for all the awesome memories! This week it is Eat The Beat : Music Is The Answer!

Eat The Beat this Saturday >> Eat The Beat : Music Is The Answer Matt Radovich returns to ETB, check out his latest mix from ETB back in May!

Our friends behind Tokyo Love Hotel (Translate Events & Tours) are taking over the kitchen at Eat The Beat Presents : Marco Effe tonight!

Ready for another International Talent at Eat The Beat TONIGHT...Welcome to MARCO EFFE 😎 Eat The Beat Presents : Marco Effe

Looking for somewhere warm to have a drink? Look no further fam... come see us at Chiladelphia. 4-10pm >> Chiladelphia Fridays at New Guernica (June) 10-5am >> Alter All Night 002 - Steve Bleas

Eat The Beat have a HUGE schedule of Saturday night's ahead for you... Starting this week for Eat The Beat Presents : Marco Effe, and also Eat The Beat : Markantonio & Ramon Tapia as highlighted in the video below. + Loads more! Check our events...

On Friday, Steve Bleas blesses us with 5 hours of melodic, and progressive techno at Alter All Night 002 - Steve Bleas Check out his set from Rainbow Serpent '19 via the Soundcloud link below....

Here the After Movie from last Saturday at Eat The Beat...Awesome night ft. ANOTR and WILDER (ita)!! Can’t wait for the next one ft. MARCO EFFE!!

Eat The Beat Presents : Marco Effe this Saturday night!

Saddle Club β–¬ Queens Bday Eve β–¬ New Guernica tonight from 10pm!

Tonight will host 2 International talents...Welcome to ANOTR and Wilder Ita!! Eat The Beat Presents : ANOTR

Ready for another crazy night at GUERNS?! We are! See you from 10 for Guerns feat. Kovac & Kulchr πŸ”₯

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