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Banana mixed with any other fruit smoothie Banana: https://t.co/EcSp7c2OqG

2 days ago

Quoted @gnuman1979

She’s like John Wick. https://t.co/OYoeA8gogQ

when she caught the chair 😫 https://t.co/cJby0zVoNV

just wanted to share these https://t.co/CUQD72VW8F

just wanted to share these https://t.co/CUQD72VW8F

Jun Yong Park's reaction when @dc_mma told him he set the UFC record for ground strikes: "More than Chimaev?" 😆 #UFCFightIsland6 https://t.co/9fhd1Cg8qp

Quoted @vandetta135

I swear Martinez gets better everytime he gets in there #UFCFightIsland6

Saw this on TV 🥳 https://t.co/uwzxrobgxg

for anyone who was indecisive for tonight https://t.co/CBSfw77bws

for anyone who was indecisive for tonight https://t.co/CBSfw77bws

Memory with trauma be like: I was born, then I was 13 for 1 minute, then I turned 21

IM LOSING MY MIND https://t.co/HBk55EjTrL

My brain reminded me my mother has a bachelors in physics from a university in fuckin Korea AND a baddie. Goals

"Respect your elders" culture is dying a very powerful death and I am enjoying it.

my therapist: you’re a good person me: oh no I’ve tricked you too

More content coming soon to @UFCFightPass 🐓🧃👀 https://t.co/ji5Dbp6ppg

How is everyone celebrating white savior day today? 🙄

Bitchtopher Columbitch

Quoted @psychobihhhh

My ✨anxiety✨ woulda have made me cry right on the spot https://t.co/WC8StxizJ9

this is disgusting , this is weird , this is harassment , an invasion of personal space . this is sick , on my loved ones i would’ve started shooting . https://t.co/rsqXg6a1qY

9 days ago

but have y’all ever seen a stoner baby yoda cake https://t.co/quN5HglGay

Fun fact: before training MMA I saw Barboza stop someone via leg kicks, almost made me not want to start fighting. Fast forward 8 years and I'm coming off a loss via leg kicks and I'm still here! Can't wait to get back to work

no one told me i was today's date today hmph

9 days ago

KO of the Year! 🔓 Go all angles on @NewMansa94's masterpiece 😳 [ #UFCFightIsland5 | #InAbuDhabi | @VisitAbuDhabi ] https://t.co/1ywVZzin5U

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