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One touch of God's favor can turn everything around in your life. ❤️Instagram: @mysheenahalili

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Joined on September 26, 2009

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Malapit nakong mag gupit ng bangs 😂

a month ago

Waiting for Jeron be like.... @mysheenahalili ❤️

Our official wedding video by Bob Nicolas

3 months ago

Happy 1st month Jeron and Sheena! May your new situation strenghten your relationship even more. Inspire one another! God is always in control 👫. . . @mysheenahalili jemanzanero

Nakatanggap ng cake na may pilyang candle sa surprise bridal shower at advance birthday celebration si @mysheenahalili. Ano kaya ang naging reaksyon ng aktres dito?

Happy Birthday, #SheenaHalili (@mysheenahalili)! We hope all your birthday wishes come true! ❤️🎁🎂

Happy Birthday, #SheenaHalili (@mysheenahalili)! We hope all your birthday wishes come true! ❤️🎁🎂

Spending my day off at the laundry shop. 😉👍👌

#indaysDuty #labamode

Spending my day off at the laundry shop. 😉👍👌 @mysheenahalili #indaysDuty #labamode

.@mysheenahalili just had another bridal shower and this time, it was wet and wild! LOOK HERE:

K-drama ang peg 😂❤️

K-drama ang peg 😂❤️

#Capricorn's are the most sincere people you will ever meet. Until you make us mad that is.

Quoted @JHonlineTV

@mysheenahalili Bakit ka nag resign beh... 😐😐😐

Haha! Naku sumuko na si Nina 😂

Quoted @anbroke17

@mysheenahalili I adore you hehe your so adorable i always want to see your face on #loveutwo

Thank you ❤️

Quoted @myylonagarcia

Hi @mysheenahalili Remember mo yung isang clearbook ko na puno ng picture mo??? Di pa uso nung internet kaya sobrang hirap ko mangolekta ng picture noon. My times pa na ninanakaw ko magazine ng kaklase ko para lang mapunit yung page kung asan ung pic ni sheena. Hahahaha

Yes! Naaalala ko ❤️

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This competition shows na kahit early out ka, you can still succeed. Hi Sheena Halili


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