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8 hours ago

island not letting all these songs be released was the biggest crime https://t.co/6rQejMWZYL

Todays been such a shit day 🤣😂🤣😂

an hour ago

this is jake paul and ricegum in 2016 all over again https://t.co/OlwSgRLhIE

remember when poppy won a streamy and t*tty thought he did sumn by saying "dropout of art school" LIKE PLS ITS NOT AN OSCAR JOEY GRACEFFA GOT ONE

3 hours ago

@voicemxil american kids > altar

.@Beyonce vibes out to “Ponyboy” by SOPHIE in new #IvyPark ad. 🔥 https://t.co/fg2hVvzowm

Ł ❀
4 hours ago

A list of germ bullies that I hate so much . And Why I hate them . BULLIES @musictoscreamto @gIasspractice @jesterdami @veejinseul @fucktheadvice @hesitant_poison @BornAt929 @bubbIebathep

4 hours ago
Poppy Music Videos (A Thread) https://t.co/KEVev3Begn

Poppy Music Videos (A Thread) https://t.co/KEVev3Begn

this just paid like 30 years of sophie’s rent so she has no reason to be bothered to release something https://t.co/qpMwGCff6e

we should all agree that coke isn't that good of a drink now https://t.co/xoSD3SMrz9

Quoted @kyvosss

@KitDoja grimes is gonna be just fine I didnt come for their existence I came for their life choices. I'm a literal nobody this will not effect them in any way ✨

Saying someone “plunged into fascism” and then not elaborating or providing evidence is slanderous and unethical. Tiktok leftists need to realize these names hold power and throwing fascist around at anyone they don’t like devalues its meaning. https://t.co/kWizcgaFon

not my co-workers referring to their wives as “things” i hate working in stem

if u can see this say hi and drop a fancam 🦀🖤🦀🖤🦀

Quoted @fadfromabove


Me, sitting on a park bench after it rained: https://t.co/mG90eJ9oqS

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