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Shamima Beghum Publicity Manager.

Joined on May 27, 2020

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Banned from twitter twice in 24hrs. And still I think @TheRealNihal is a total wanker.

Omg @BrendaBlethyn, gorgeous. I remember watching the oxo ads wishing you was my mam.....

"Manchester United lead in terms of total trophies won, with 66 to Liverpool's 63" #lfc #mufc #WATPOAE #BuildABonfire

I wish @TheRealNihall wasn't such an annoying twat. I bet his missus does too, poor girl.

Fuck me I wish @TheRealNihall was a mute. Such an annoying, race baiting, cretinous twat.

#TimWestwood fingered me when I was 6 year old.....

Arrrrgghhhh... The race obsessed fire stoking cunt @TheRealNihall is on the wireless again.... I can't handle the annoying twat anymore!

Move along, nothing to see here.... #EVELIV

Don't take it too hard @Helen_Whately,not everyone thinks you're a cabbage.....

Guess what??? #BlackLM #WhiteLM #BrownLM #YellowLM #PinkLM #AllLM It's a mad and crazy concept but might just hold water what do you reckon? #blm #BlackLivesMatter #ALLLIVESMATER

Guess what??? #BlackLM #WhiteLM #BrownLM #YellowLM #PinkLM #AllLM It's a mad and crazy concept but might just hold water what do you reckon?

Hiya @Alison_bettles, you was EASILY the fittest bird in that made up school. Don't worry, I was a kid when fancying you. Hope you're well and family is good.

Word up @leemacdonald. Hope you and family are well. All fine here up north kid. You ever think back at how fit Mrs McClusky was? Would have got myself sent to her office twice daily if was real life and I was at grange hill.

Ey up @onebiggins lad. The geezer who was Timothy Claypole in Rentaghost, was he alright? Something tells me he was a great chap? Hope you are keeping safe.

Morning @adamrickitt hope you're well fella and missus too.I've got diabetes as a result of having had severe pancreatitis way back which means can't eat all the good shit I love like snickers(marathon) ice cream.Anyway,stay good and safe.Speak soon and let me know if ya need owt

Hiya @richardpbacon,wish you was over here in blighty,you'd make everything feel alright again. Hope family is safe and well in these testing moments.

Bet @JamiroquaiHQ doesn't ever get to see these msgs but still,I've watched the video of him getting head butted by that pap geezer about 1100 times. Ouch####

Morning @AinsleyFoods. You're my fave "celebrity chef" and if I was gay, you'd be my pin up. Hope you and yours are doing ok in these strange times!

Morning @freddinenageITV, please tell me this is really THE Fred Dinage? If it is, send us a vid of you telling PAblo that's how for now! I'd go fucking mental. Hope you're safe n well playa.

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