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The Supreme Court is now a complete joke, and will continue to be one, until we pack it to restore the balance of sanity.

President Biden repealed trump's ban against transgender people serving in the military today!!!! That's MY President.

We'll be reminding the Senators how IMPORTANT it is to uphold the law against people who incite insurrection OFTEN. We're hiring a FLEET of billboard trucks in DC to make sure they remember. You can help with a RT and small donation.

If trump does not get convicted in the Senate, they might as well just do away with ALL laws, and then Joe Biden gets to do whatever the hell he wants for 4 years because laws and rules are now meaningless.

HOLY SHIT -- Ohio is in play for another DEM Senate seat as Senator Rob Portman (R) announced he is NOT running for re-election.

Senators participating in the trump Senate impeachment trial have a SWORN duty to rule based on the facts. The fact is that trump incited insurrection. Your RT & small donation can help us remind them with these billboard trucks.

I could be wrong here, but it seems crazy that the Senators who helped trump incite insurrection would be jurors in the trump Senate impeachment trial. Isn't that a conflict of interest?

Republicans: 9/11: Never Forget! Benghazi: Always remember! January 6th: That was, like, 2 weeks ago guys. Let's move on.

People who incite insurrection should lose their job and be thrown in prison, and should beg Americans for forgiveness. They should NOT get to complain about their being "muzzled" on the cover of NY Post.

Poor Josh Hawley! Senator Sedition is so canceled, he can only appear on the cover of the shittiest rag New York Post, on TV news shows, and oh yeah, on the floor of the Senate. Insurrectionists should NOT have so many ways to keep spreading seditious lies.

I'm old enough to remember when they told us to keep living normally after 9/11 because if not, the terrorists will win. But we're supposed to NOT convict trump because the OTHER seditious insurrectionists will be mad? Make THAT make sense.

Seeing the "trump White House" trending is SOOO last week. Wake me when we get to the trump prison cell.

Now that QAnon's theories have been unmistakably proven to be COMPLETE garbage, will the Q-nuts still be drinking from the same bottomless jug of Fool Aid?

GOP: "No abortions!" GOP: "No Muslims!" GOP: "No Immigration!" GOP: "No Gays! DEMS: "No Insurrections!" GOP: "Cancel Culture!"

The scary thing about Sarah Sanders running for Governor of Arkansas is that she can actually win because Arkansas.

We have purchased and will build it out this year.

This kid SHREDDED the National Anthem! WOW.🎢 BRAVO to Brandon Niederauer! πŸ‘

I hate Tom Brady.

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