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My mom found these photos. I’m glad she did. Other then the fedora. Who tf let me wear a fedora. I chose my fate the very sec. FEDORaaaaa the explora

My mom found these photos. I’m glad she did. Other then the fedora. Who tf let me wear a fedora. I chose my fate the very sec. FEDORaaaaa the explora

Happy birthday @EmilyOsment I guess I should get to my uhh flight

My girl pissed me off. So I went and bought all the hair, skin, face masks an beauty shit she has been wanting and I’m gunna use it all in front of her. she not even getting a drop. And then I’m gunna tell her how AMAZING IT IS AND HOW GOOD I LOOK. I might die tonight. Worth it.

If I’ve ever blocked you, it’s not because I’m being reactive or childish. you didn’t “WIN” anything. It means that I woke up one day and realized that u have such a negative impact on my life that I do not care to see what u are doing NOR do you deserve to see what I am doing.

SEND HELP- thought my girl was delicate like a flower, or angel, like a princess... until she plucked my eyebrows...that bitch is brutal as fuck. Called me a pussy 3 times an told me to stop bitchin and grow some actual balls. I’m scared. When police get here IM UNDER THE SINK.

If nobody told you today you are beautiful you are perfect you are loved you are smart you are fun you are rich you are amazing you are needed you are a blessing you are sexy you are royal you are 1 in a billion You keep being you because nobody else could and nobody else can

Relationships are dope. but have u tried the dollar menu

The world loves you. The earth needs you. You are loved. You are never alone. We are all children of god and deserve great things. Unless you a piece a shit. Then you deserve like...okay stuf

new screensaver 2 who dis?

new screensaver 2 who dis?

new screensaver who dis?

new screensaver who dis?

I just can’t believe this... 😍

I just can’t believe this... 😍

Happy New Years babymommas and Baby soon to be mommas and mommas who don’t need baby’s to be mommas

I don’t have any good tweets right now so I’ll copy my dads text he sent me Me: Dad I love you Dad: who is this? Me: it’s Mitchel... your son Dad: fuck off pussy

Dear Santa, “Naughty or nice” should be “bad or nice Because naughty sounds niiiiice an I definitely been niiiiice

if your car has more wheels than 4 you should be driving slower than everybody else. And if your car has 18 of those motherfuckers you should most fucking certainly not be driving 80 mph 1 foot from my bumper. If you have experienced this you’re not wrong that driver is and idiot

You are not a yellow starburst You are a pink starburst... and he’s a fuckin broke, no goal, cheatin, waste of ur time candy corn. There’s AMAZING people out there. specifically an amazing person who’s been waiting along time for you to walk in that room. Flourish baby..Flowerish

No Hell NO I am so done with these- 🖤, “I want to die”, “life sucks”, bullshit. 2018 is all about positivity. Done with all this sad sappy dumb shit. Fuck off my timeline you fucking negative fuck. this shit ends today. REAL LIFE is happening, it’s not about likes ON TWITTER

S/o to all the woman who are standing up right now and speaking the truth on these disgusting men. You are all super hero’s out here serving justice every day. U are all saving lives from what could have happened in the future to young women by speaking up and making things right

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