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when you gained some quarantine weight, and he asks for a booty pic. https://t.co/pzxsvzpALb

when you gained some quarantine weight, and he asks for a booty pic. https://t.co/pzxsvzpALb

Quoted @myrrrrriam

jacque was ruthless af last night

Wish I could remember what I did https://t.co/aff80JQPuX

I wanna be back in Texas, listening to classical music

I’m confused on how destroying people’s cars on the freeway, stealing from Nike and Louis Vuitton, and burning businesses down is helping ???

I feel bad for the silent/peaceful protestors, trying to do a good thing, who are going to get arrested for curfew, when people are killing businesses, looting, and stealing AND GETTING AWAY WITH IT .

Ryan and I won best fit award. @ Quarantine Café https://t.co/TzrcU5Bxhq

he’s got glasses on, and still can’t see. @ QuarantineCon https://t.co/Hs08DP2Tki

don’t worry, they’re just shorts. @ The Valley https://t.co/beISG3fADL

best fit award goes to me. sorry y’all. @ Quarantine Café https://t.co/rNTZvi7Wxh

So far. 18lbs worth of extra weight 😂😂😂😂😂

how I’m trying to be all summer☀️ @ Huntington Beach, California https://t.co/Ss0lOhbtzB

my face when I received two lbs of sour belts this morning @ CovidCare https://t.co/cXLxe5g0r1

don’t worry. I put my mask on when people were within 6 ft. @ Los Angeles, California https://t.co/oolgOsbU31

a little quarenting for ya. @ Encino, California https://t.co/TlO1hxlbaW

Quoted @ABC7

#BREAKING Newsom to order all California beaches closed after seeing Orange County crowds https://t.co/SRZk37ELwy

So.... they opened. Had no new cases. And decided to close????? Makes sense 🙄🙄 https://t.co/6K9PnX8e7h

If I come out of this quarantine with a little extra weight on me, mind ya business

a year ago

kid cudi dancing to “electric feel” at coachella is my mood all summer https://t.co/ja0CAf6Hd9

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