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Dad of 2 Boys / X-Radio Jock / Blogger / TV & Movie Junkie / Podcaster🎙 https://t.co/uYlK8HS3h1 📸 IG/TikTok: mikethemovieguy 📸 SnapChat: mikethamovieguy

Houston, Texas
Joined on February 01, 2009

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I really wanted to watch a movie tonight. Too tired. 😖

Just posted a photo @ Sugar Land, Texas https://t.co/uyAxXaIIrX

Every time I hear or see that @GEICO Casper the Friendly Ghost commercial...I want popcorn. 😢

If you mail your ballot, you can no longer be absolutely sure it will be processed and counted. Hand-deliver it to your polling place.

It’s been a non-stop day and it’s barely 2 o’clock! 😳 #mentally #tired

What a day.

Jaxon’s floating on his back like an otter. Nice!! #dadlife #swimming #lessons https://t.co/yigfuNv6RE

Jaxon’s doing his thang! 🌊 Pool safety is must for us. 🙌 #dadlife #swimming #lessons https://t.co/TFGfxS5ARD

Jaxon’s doing his thang! 🌊 Pool safety is must for us. 🙌 #dadlife #swimming #lessons https://t.co/TFGfxS5ARD

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Quoted @Arbys

Deciding what to eat for lunch is one dice roll away. https://t.co/dg0hzKQJ92

😂 reminded me of Dungeons and Dragons. Ohhhh the memories. https://t.co/WSzEWXouDL

3 days ago

"I felt it was important that viewers could tell by the silhouette that #Batwoman was a Black girl. With the form-fitting suit and beautiful Afro, we definitely nailed it!”🦇 https://t.co/a84yl0SU6V

Finally got to eat breakfast. Shoutouts to all the online schooling parents and teachers. We got this!! #dadlife #onlineschooling #school https://t.co/WWiE3skfYI

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