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Biden outlines foreign policy goals to counter Trump https://t.co/Fh5tiFFPyu via @msnbc

It's So Easy! 46 Easy Crochet Granny Square Patterns - Stitch and Unwind https://t.co/Qg0fFmFGBH

Hello Project Dead Zone I'm watching your video for the first time good luck to you and be super careful I'm a new fan and I am following you today.good luck guys.

People are saying this is my best video to date! Thanks for the ones who support me, love ya lots. Wish there were more of you out there to appreciate my content https://t.co/xMGNzCSKnv

hello eveyone have anice day.

Moe and friends I'm getting ready for my stomach surgery soon next month.

care of yourself and stay out of trouble.

don't want to leave anyone out please say prayers for me ok tell Omar on Omargoshtv I love his those friends too God bless you guys be ca...

Moe sargi, I'm getting ready for stomach surgery soon next month in in pain all the time and I need some prayers ok please thank you love...

I'm out of ideas don't ask me I just got home from the hospital I'm real sick.

I'm here I need help getting Omars videos on my twitter can someone help me out please thank you.

Check out let's DO THIS 1! Available for the next about 22 hours via @Teespring: https://t.co/4qTlMD7r2W

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