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Exploits in The Attic - Visiting Forgotten Metasploit Modules #msf #metasploit #infosec #docker

Our attic has some treasures. Nice spelunking here.

Quoted @metasploit

We're happy to announce another #Metasploit community CTF coming your way December 4! We developed this year's game to be accessible to beginners who want to connect with the community. Teams of all sizes are encouragedβ€”registration opens 11/30.

It's gonna be fun! :)

The weekly #Metasploit wrap-up is available, courtesy of Mr. Cammack. A couple of new RCE-capable modules for vulnerable WebLogic and HorizontCMS targets, plus enhancements and fixes. Catch it here and have a good weekend, y'all!! πŸ‘‹

Shout-out to @hackthebox_eu for contributing prizes and to @ctfdio for powering the game. Join the metasploit-ctf channel on Slack to start building your team!

We had some cool demos of new SaltStack (CVE-2020-16846, CVE-2020-25592), WordPress (CVE-2020-27615, CVE-2020-25213), and ZooKeeper modules in our bi-weekly #Metasploit demo meeting from yesterday, recording posted up for your viewing pleasure. πŸ‘‹

Your Friday the 13th #Metasploit wrap-up via @SpaceySpacek: Four new modules, including an exploit for SaltStack CVE-2020-25592, plus new enhancements and fixes. Our thanks to @justinsteven for reporting a vulnerability in Metasploit!

The latest #Metasploit weekly wrap-up is available! Courtesy of @HacksForProfit, this week's installment includes new modules targeting WordPress software and MikroTik devices, as well as a number of enhancements and fixes.

Posted up the latest #Metasploit team demo meeting here, complete with a WizardOpium (CVE-2019-1458) module demo and a handful of other enhancements demoed, as well. Good mid-week fodder for the gray matter...! 🧠

This week's #Metasploit wrap-up out from @8_bitChris: Gather ProxyUsername and ProxyPassword for saved PuTTY sessions, usability tweaks to PsExec modules, another CTF coming soon, and more fixes n' enhancements.πŸŽƒ

Ahh, it's that time of week. #Metasploit weekly wrap-up out via @Op3n4M3: This week brings a bug fix for EternalBlue on Metasploit 6, the usual bunch of enhancements, and four new modules, including new exploits for SharePoint and Telerik UI.

We've got the latest #Metasploit demo meeting posted up for your mid-week viewing pleasure! With a walk through the latest Framework updates+fixes, plus a couple of demos, you can dig in here: πŸŽƒπŸšπŸŽƒ

#Metasploit weekly wrap-up via @3ss_G33: 2020 Hacktoberfest, wisdom from around the Metasploit water cooler, and another Metasploit community CTF coming to a computer near you. We'll share updates over the next few weeks.

Big ups to @zeroSteiner for hopping on the weekly #Metasploit wrap-up this cycle! Quality content posted here for your end-of-week reading pleasure (includes an SAP module!)... πŸ‘‹

It's difficult to put into words how many awesome Framework demos made it into the #Metasploit team demo meeting today... Oh, wait, it's NINE!! And 16 NEW MODULES, plus oodles of enhancements and fixes. It was a busy two weeks, check out the recording!

While you're at it, here are some Vax-hacking details that made it into @wvuuuuuuuuuuuuu's 2018 Cuckoo's Egg-themed Metasploit CTF challenge:

We've got a new #Metasploit wrap-up posted, thanks to Louis! It covers a new way to dump Windows secrets, a new Safari exploit module, and a lot of other good stuff. Perfect Friday+weekend reading! 🐚

Exploitability analysis of @_arkon's Smash the Ref bug class via @zeroSteiner and @tekwizz123. Credit to Gil for the neat find and his original work on enumerating test cases.

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