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Quoted @MSNBC

“Every elder that passes is part of the body of language that leaves us, part of our cultural life ways that leave us,” Dr. Twyla Baker says about Native American communities impacted by Covid-19. “There’s a lot more at stake for us than there might be for other populations.” https://t.co/9ND5QA0Tbs

This is heartbreakingly sad https://t.co/kPV0Vavh2U

The stock market (Dow) hit 30,000. The COVID-19 death count in America hit 260,000. Guess which one Trump takes credit for?

Can someone please teach Americans the difference between LOOSE and LOSE. Loose means let loose. To loosen, untie, free etc. Lose means something is lost. You cannot say you’ve loost something! Looser isn’t loser. Loose isn’t lost. Please ? It’s infuriating

Quoted @ChrisMurphyCT

The delusional refusal of Republicans to acknowledge the election results isn’t some quaint sideshow. It’s an assault on democracy that has lasting impact. If half the country starts to believe that elections are rigged then it’s hard to hold together a country this diverse.

Very well put https://t.co/GSbCTu9aaA

I mean... is anyone really surprised that Donald Trump is trying to force himself on us even after we said no?

Dog who had burns from a fire is reunited with the vet who treated him 😭😭😍 https://t.co/iuAAG0OAUm

24 days ago

Georgia is having a runoff Jan 5 to decide who our 2 new senators will be. If those senators go blue Mitch McConnell will no longer be Senate Majority Leader. You have until December 7 to register to vote. Retweet to spread awareness even if you don’t live here.

Ladies and Gentlemen; All the Vice-Presidents of The United States of America. https://t.co/RROJ3i7mp7

Ladies and Gentlemen; All the Vice-Presidents of The United States of America. https://t.co/RROJ3i7mp7

Now, let's plan for attacking the climate crisis. All donations are automatically matched $2-for-$1. Give now and join the fight.

Thank goodness we are headed out of this awful mess and into the light ahead

.@LadyGaga is urging non-voters to make their voices heard before it's too late in this fashion-packed PSA https://t.co/kt9dbRZ2PZ

This is only the second time I have ever requested a retweet. If you agree that President Biden should restore the rank and rightful benefits for Col. Vindman, or appoint him with equivalent civilian rank, pass this along. https://t.co/CxDG9zV6yH

Today Is my Birthday, and I am going to celebrate it at home, safely (with some liquor) and thousands of resister brothers and sisters who I love. Thank you all for your support, vision, and devotion in this fight to restore our nation. It is my honor to know you all.

Hummingbird mom feeding her tiny babies. Full video: https://t.co/FCOEdpaGTM https://t.co/32bg8aJilG

I asked a community elder in his thoughts about the water crisis. He says, “we are forced to live in a small box (Indian reservation) and in that box the government must take care of us as they would if we were in prison.”

Retweet if you trust Dr. Anthony Fauci more than Trump. Please restore my faith in humanity. 🙏

📺 NEW VIDEO Retweet if you believe that we will win. #BelieveInAmerica https://t.co/JiRPio3Zlg

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