Mercury is a set of tools that let you transform web pages into clean text. A @Postlight Labs project. Feedback/questions:

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Textmoji, the newest project from Postlight Labs, lets you build custom text emoji for your @SlackHQ team.

Account is a new Lab from Postlight & @ftrain that lets you remix & share mathematical models: for VC forecasting, soda drinking, or anything in between.

Code, build, test, debug, & deploy anywhere (even on an iPad):

A list of 10 extraordinary #GitHub repos for developers by @simonholdorf

.@joshuadschwartz on how data testing can fuel product decisions:

Callisto, powered by Mercury, turns web pages into @WordPress posts in one click.

Try these open-source alternatives to your favorite apps: #opensource

Try these open-source alternatives to your favorite apps: #opensource

Software is never ready, but sometimes you just have to ship it.

10 tips for working remotely, from the best background ambience to strategies to be heard in video meetings.

Scaling to 100k users, a helpful engineering walkthrough by @alexpareto

Inspect is the web dev tool for iOS we've been waiting for

Inspect is the web dev tool for iOS we've been waiting for

How do you understand an organization's old, legacy software systems? Look no further than company culture.

The boss handed you a mandate: Find a qualified vendor to build your org’s next digital product. RFP Builder walks you through the process step-by-step.

People who publish content love WordPress. Engineers love React. With research, configuration, and trial & error, you can have both—but we can save you the work

People get really good at bad habits. Digital transformation–and why it so often fails–is more than software and systems. It's the heart of how people work with software and with each other.

When a product manager's resume comes in, what is the first thing you look for?

Integrating Salesforce into your app? Spin up a GraphQL API for Salesforce in one command with Glide

Put a deadline on time-sensitive conversations: Dash for Slack helps teams reach an outcome faster. Add it to your Slack workspace now.

Real talk: Estimating how much time and effort it will take to build software is hard, and most people are bad at it. Here's some practical advice on how to get better.

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