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#BiancaGonzalez-Intal leads Filipinas in finding themselves and encourages others to help fellow women to do the same.

With the unprecedented success of drag in pop culture, the art form rising from resistance to the front line of the queer movement, we look at the experience on an internal scale and navigate it through a greater path of self-discovery and love.

In the age of enlightenment, the world is finally ditching age-old beauty norms and is finally making the rules that will create a better, braver future.

Do you feel like your pamper time is long overdue?

We’ve seen them make face masks and PPEs, but now, these designers are trying out their hand at hygiene, such as soap and hand sanitizers.

Raise your arms higher and flaunt light and smooth underarms!

If you want to experience nature’s best, here’s all you need to know about the power of plants in our latest hair care discovery.

Getting sick and tired of your dull work from home looks?

There is no use arguing here: an absolute essential in the reality we live in, these face mask offerings are a tick for form and function, clearly illustrating its necessity today and in the future.

“What’s important is we get to be together during these trying times.”

It looks like we’re revisiting the decade of complete elegance and glamour as the major bag of the 50s is back—better and bolder.

Achieve the K-drama glass skin of your dreams!

With these invaluable nutrients in mind, we take a look at some beauty must-haves from Myra that contain these vitamins for achieving a radiant glow within.

Wash those collagen worries away and start giving your hair the real treatment and nourishment it needs.

#Netflix seeks to understand queer experience in film and television consumption in the Philippines, furthering the spotlight on how representation and inclusion is paramount in the stories told and streamed today.

Here are some proudly Filipino musicians who are releasing new songs left and right.

These online talks with #BJPascual and #VinceUy are set to shed light to the intricacies and nuance of the queer community.

Frustrated by the ways of the world, a conversation of emotions and pride turns into a musical collaboration featuring an inclusive playlist specially curated by DJ Kim FG.

These are your stories, and this time we are telling them as it should be.

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