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it's a party on the inside
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Done my #INFP healing duties today. My heart is full.

House of Card's presents another good depiction of an unhealthy #INTJ, along with Peaky Blinders. But damn, I'm really drawn to these (non)fictional characters. https://t.co/Ekir7O5oJi

Quoted @HeeraTarantino

What's stopping you from doing this with your partner https://t.co/9hDw31Jutp

What's stopping you from doing this with your partner https://t.co/9hDw31Jutp

A prefrontal cortex https://t.co/prLrkwLh8n

i'm feeling faint https://t.co/lK6Q0IBKUb

i'm feeling faint https://t.co/lK6Q0IBKUb

The weirdest thing to have happened in my life is my 87-year-old ESTJ grandmother (who is running a business to this day) is making me facilitate a personality assessment session in her company and in our entire family (her immediate down2the grandkids) #infp #estj #girlboss https://t.co/0TmFxgJmGn

brainstorming:             writing: https://t.co/Cm6EmvOJhP

brainstorming: writing: https://t.co/Cm6EmvOJhP

#HOLY Holy (feat. Chance the Rapper) - Single by Justin Bieber https://t.co/j7xNDTRbYT

When your intentions are pure, you don’t lose anyone they lose you.

Today, INTP shined through in the dark. Indeed the warmest robot. #infp #intp #misadventure https://t.co/zAL1MGf96U

INTPs way of comforting me today is by: 1. Hanging out with me 2. Setting up to watch the Apple Event later #infp #intp #misadventure https://t.co/2HTLgu0WmN


A day in a lifetime of an INFP huhu. Oh u, INTJs u https://t.co/Mzw89h7cwL

“‘If I’d only known then what I know now.’ It would be nice to see the end from the beginning,” Scott Rodgers #infp #thoughts #quote https://t.co/asHMVkfRi8

I am not anymore.

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