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The guy who wrote Pym, Loving Day. Incognegro, etc. World's Palest Black Man. Fancy Professor at @UOregon, @OregonMFA. Speakers Bureau:

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Gotta stop eating cake before bed.

I had a nightmare that the US was hit by a deadly pandemic and its dirtbag president just shrugged and went golfing as deaths soared past six-figures and it was no biggie cuz the 1/3 of the country constituting his base didn't give two shits as long as he stayed racist as fuck.

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Ethal Merman and Ernest Borgnine were married for a couple of hot, passionate, steamy months in 1964 and that’s the whole tweet.

CORRECTION: The marriage only lasted 32 days, after a brief separation immediately following their honeymoon.

Ethal Merman and Ernest Borgnine were married for a couple of hot, passionate, steamy months in 1964 and that’s the whole tweet.

Yes but how can we know Betsy Devos isn't a cake of no one checks? is why teachers are scared. is why teachers are scared.

I would binge a 7-season docuseries on people who list Craigslist items for above the price they were when new.

#RealityWinner—who served in the Air Force & rec’d a commendation for assisting in the capture of 100 enemy combatants—remains in prison 4 leaking the report that showed Trump was lying when he called Russian hacking a hoax. Manafort & Cohen have both been released early. 1/

Hamilton is fascinating viewed from the current moment, as the country cokes on its own bullshit.

In Hell, everything is a cake.

This is one of the most cogent arguments I’ve seen for defunding police depts and makes a powerful statement about the immorality of paying police and teachers who don’t live in the cities they serve: City budgets in places with poor schools, services, fund the suburban good life

Liberals were right about George W Bush and they’re right about Donald Trump. The Republican Party is a political party incapable of governing the nation without ushering in death, devastation, and national humiliation. Just the facts.

Thursday's monumental victory was emotional for members of Muscogee (Creek) Nation--whose treaty rights and inherent sovereignty was on the line. Read their voices in this great @nytimes article.

To be fair, Roger Stone would've just broken out of Arkham like the rest of them.

The UO has joined an amicus brief in support of Harvard and MIT’s legal complaint against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The brief and list of signatories may be accessed here:

Roger Stone awarded the Presidential Medal of Not Snitching.

When is King George spitting out Mindhunter Season 3?

Be the Change Humble Bundle with WEB Du Bois and @mat_johnson and Betty Shabazz and Audre Lord and CHUCK TINGLE and more, proceeds in part to @carlbrandon is available now!

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