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Politics has made us so crazy that using or refusing to use a mask has been turned into a social or political statement Fortunately this derangement has not infected the vast majority of Americans,normal people who don’t spend every moment thinking about politics & culture wars

10000 positive tests in one day in #Florida is unsettling & certainly not irrelevant But many of them won’t get sick The real concern is how many high risk people will they end up infecting Why we need daily numbers on admissions for #COVID-19 treatment in hospitals & in ICU

Fed govt has arrested the alleged ring leader of group which vandalized & attempted to destroy statues in D.C. But you won’t hear or read much about this in the news because it messes up their narrative that there is no evidence of an Antifa presence.

#Florida surge isn’t because opened too fast It’s because we got complacent &/or assumed group socializing was safe Lockdown isn’t the answer We need to: -restrict settings conducive to spread -indoor mask-wearing -protect +65 & high-risk -daily #’s for #Covid admissions & ICU

Surge in infection numbers are understandably unsettling. But many of those testing positive will never get sick. The real concern is they in turn infect others & overwhelms hospitals with admissions & ICU patients. We need to know # admitted for Covid treatment & # in ICU.

Leaking alleged intelligence to promote a political narratives, isn’t a patriotic service to the nation,it’s a potentially damaging crime It usually provides media & public incomplete & inaccurate information & it can endanger lives by disrupting the ability to disrupt attacks

In addition, will ask the federal government to help fund 7 help states coordinate “pool testing” for our universities, schools, emergency responders & health care workers This will allow them to conduct exponentially larger number of tests regularly & identify & stop outbreaks

Focus shouldn’t be daily positives or hospitalization Many positives won’t get sick & many hospital admissions unrelated to & not being treated for Covid ⁦Instead need @HHSGov⁩ to require hospitals to reports Covid admissions & how many need ICU

“Go and learn the meaning of the words, ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice.’I did not come to call the righteous but sinners.” Matthew 9:13

Many of the companies boycotting Facebook until they enforce the “woke speech code” have no problem doing business with & in #China, whose government subjects #Uighur Muslims to mass detention, forced labor & forced sterilization. Hypocrites

Spoke to various #Florida hospitals today: 1. In many as many as 40% of their #Covid “hospitalizations” are not in the hospital for the virus & aren’t even being treated for it BUT 2. It’s still a strain on resources because they have to be isolated,staff has to use PPE etc.

Spike in #Florida cases began roughly around 6/13 which coincides with two factors between 18- 21 days earlier: 1. The “un-official” beginning of summer on Memorial Day Weekend;and 2. Social unrest overtaking Covid-19 as top story in the media beginning on May 27th

Anyone American who now travels to #HongKong for business or pleasure is out of their minds #China can now arrest you for anything you said or did in America that they decide is subversive

Quoted @BethanyAllenEbr

Oh my god am I reading this right??? Article 38: The law applies to persons who do NOT have permanent resident status in HK and commit crimes under this law OUTSIDE Hong Kong. Did Beijing just grant itself sweeping extraterritoriality to...everyone on the planet?

Yes. #China intends to arrest people who don’t live in #HongKong if they say or do anything critical of the Communist Party while outside of HK. Basically,if you criticize Beijing on Twitter while living in New York,they can arrest you if you step foot in HK.

Under the new anti-democracy “law” imposed by #China on #HongKong, the Communist Party can now arrest someone visiting HK for what they say have said or written anywhere in the world.

Three months into the pandemic we now have enough data to say with a high degree of confidence that no one has died from wearing a mask in public.

Seek good and not evil,that you may live; Then truly the LORD, the God of hosts, will be with you as you claim. Amos 5:15

I have no objection to extending the #PPP deadline until August 8th. But the vast majority of #SmallBusiness that wanted to benefit from the program have already used it. What we really need to pass very soon is targeted help for those who need a second round of aid.

I have confirmed with multiple members of the administration that after #PPP applications period expires tonight, they support using the over $100 billion left untapped to target new relief for #smallbusiness

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