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Was It That Serious? Cop Gets Angry & Threatens To Lock A Guy Up After He Sarcastically Said "God Bless You"! - via @Worldstar #WSHH #WORLDSTAR

Stephen Jackson Checks Kamala Harris For Saying Tupac Is Her Favorite Rapper Alive! - via @Worldstar #WSHH #WORLDSTAR

Reddit - WTF - Man singing walking out to a drug deal and passed out man on his lawn. - #hilarious

Watch "Carlito Wants to Be the Loco One - Key & Peele" on YouTube -

Wild: R&B Singer, Jaguar Wright, Says Diddy Allegedly Made Male R&B Singer, Christopher Williams, Give Him Top To Prove He Has Power... Goes On On Him -

Watch "Honcho (feat. Conway The Machine & DJ Premier)" on YouTube -

His Voice On Point: Dude Calls A Gym To Get A Membership As Kevin Hart And This Is How It Went! - via @Worldstar #WSHH #WORLDSTAR

Worker Says Trump Is God Sent "Trump Is Life, He Is A Second Chance" - via @Worldstar #WSHH #WORLDSTAR

Mike Tyson Wants To Fight Everybody With Joe Budden via #hilarious

He Going Through It: Tattoos Are Just Not For Everybody! - via @Worldstar #WSHH #WORLDSTAR

Dirty: Police Officer Plants Drugs In A Suspects Belongings While He's Being Detained! - via @Worldstar #WSHH #WORLDSTAR #Daystar

Covert Operaton: Buddy Airs Out FedEX Employees For Jackin Over $10K Of His Ammo! - via @fedex #FedEx the worst smh

He thinks he got it like that 😂😜

He thinks he got it like that 😂😜

Scared For His Life: Dude Tried To Walk Across A Glass Bridge & Instantly Regretted It! - via @Worldstar #WSHH #WORLDSTAR #hilarious

Dope: Dude Trained His Dog To Open The Door & Collect Packages When He's Out! - via @Worldstar #WSHH #WORLDSTAR

Dude Has Words About The Sentence Of Man Who Got 4 Years For Assaulting & Breaking Ribs Of A Baby "The Judge & All Of Them Need To Be Thrown In Jail" - via @Worldstar #WSHH #WORLDSTAR #eyeforaneye

Put On The Spot: Man Shuts Down NJ Police Officers & Makes Them Leave An Illegal Search! - via @Worldstar #WSHH #WORLDSTAR #passaic

Lol: Dude Summed Up All The L's We've Took In The Early '00s! - via @Worldstar #WSHH #WORLDSTAR

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