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The only political lesson of this is the one that @joshtpm used to call "bitch slap politics" -- Rs wanted something, Dems went all a-flutter protesting it, & Rs got it anyway. Trump thumbed his nose & Ds couldn't stop him. Again. "But Dems made good arguments!" No one cares.

Quoted @axios

Presidential Debate Commission co-chair Frank Fahrenkopf Jr. said he doesn't expect Fox News anchor Chris Wallace or any of the other moderators to fact-check President Trump or Joe Biden at the debates.

Well this is dumb

President Trump volunteers to take a drug test. Here's a site with useful information on how long various drugs remain in the body.

15 hours ago

A woman on TikTok is explaining redlining via what neighborhoods have Wholefoods and Trader Joe’s in major city’s and she’s my new favorite person.

Quoted @KingJosiah54

How shoeless LeBron was clowning the Jazz on the Lakers bench

This man is moonwalking in Jordan 3s on concrete

Quoted @OfficialFBMA

Who do y'all think is more nervous on first dates?

Women literally have to share their location with friends on first dates.

OLD GOP: Repeal health care w/o replacement NEW GOP: Overturn health care w/o replacement in a pandemic

Seeing Keira Knightley outside of a period piece is like running into a teacher outside of school.

Quoted @magog83

I know this for the new ordinations at Wells but it looks like a badass church squad is about to defend the cathedral to the death

I know this for the new ordinations at Wells but it looks like a badass church squad is about to defend the cathedral to the death

If anyone thought Hot Fuzz was far fetched; may I present my home town (ahem ‘smallest city in England’) of Wells, Somerset. This looks like the final boss level of the non-existent side scrolling beat ‘em up video game version of the film.

Fahrenkopt’s idea of what the job of a moderator is CONCERNING as well as idiotic #cnn

Wow: AG Bill Barr has reportedly intervened directly in D.C. on arrests of protesters accused of rioting. He overruled the U.S. Attorney for D.C., who said ⁦@DCPoliceDept⁩ provided no evidence to justify charges in most cases.

After accusing Biden of being on drugs and Bloomberg of bribery, calling for the impeachment of a senator, repeating his usual vague insinuations about ballots and his usual vague promise of an Obamacare replacement, Trump has arrived at his golf club.

Ray Wert
6 hours ago

Check out the look on @ElissaSlotkin’s face as @VotePaulJunge tries to backtrack and say he didn’t bring up her mother (actually Paul, you did).

Ray Wert
6 hours ago

Watch Republican @VotePaulJunge learn why you should never use the health insurance problems faced by @ElissaSlotkin’s late mother as a political talking point when you don’t have a plan to solve the problem of pre-existing conditions.

Donald Trump has 5 kids, 3 baby's mamas, lives in government housing, and has outstanding warrants.

Quoted @realDonaldTrump

Obamacare will be replaced with a MUCH better, and FAR cheaper, alternative if it is terminated in the Supreme Court. Would be a big WIN for the USA!

One of the luckiest moments of Trump’s Presidency was the night John McCain voted against Skinny Repeal and saved him from taking healthcare away from tens of millions of people without a replacement plan. Three years later, he still doesn’t have a plan!

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