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‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏- منذُ ولادتِك وأنتَ تُقاتِل لتَصل إلي مَوتكَ سالِماً.. - Architectural .

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always be** علشان حمام مضايق @mosllam1899

U will be always alone..

Alone my friend .. U R ALONE

Attitudes reveal people, so do not judge anyone from his words .. People are perfect when they talk.

للتذكره : "لا تعتقد أنك صالح أنت فقط مستور"

"أحدُهم في غاية البُعد، وأقرب لِي مِن كل شيء."

عايز آكل لوليتا مع الفنانة رجاء الجداوي

إني أحاول أن أكون مودّعا لكنَّ قلبي لا يطيق تودُّعك

“لم تعد تهمني الأيام برفقة أحدهم، أصبحت أكتفي بمحادثة صديق غير متصنع، أغلقت أبواب العلاقات، وإكتفيت بأصدقائي الذين لايتجاوز عددهم عدد اصابع يدي اليمنى.”

مشلاقيه كلام يوصف جمال صوتك 💖🏌️‍♀️ @MennaMo42974336

Drink your coffee, embrace silence and do not take people seriously, don't take life on your shoulders, don't exaggerate in your affection, and don't satisfy anyone against your will.!

"You cannot defeat a person who is defeated every day, sleeps, wakes up and starts again as if nothing had happened, then begins again completely ready for another defeat." And you think that your absence will make a difference?

"You are great because you are still getting up every time your feelings were killed, you are great because you always fix your inner ruin on your own, so always remember that you are not indebted to anyone."

"Take that innocence off of you, don't like the beauty of their talk and cling, all of them are hypocrites."

" وتظل المواقف هي أصدق الدلائل ".

"you had to take a stand against those who harmed you. You did not have to be so forgiving, for this you are perished my friend ... for this."

Quoted @Ghad0A

لما تنام 16 ساعه وتصحى ما تلقى احد مكلمك :

لما تنام 16 ساعه وتصحى ما تلقى احد مكلمك :


الفلوس طلعت بتضحك ي ياسمين مكذبتيش

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