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me drinking water after i wake up at 3 am

Quoted @goongerardo

i’m such a “nah i got it” and suffer in silence ass person

me in every class

I watch a movie for like 5 minutes and on my phone for the rest

Fuck a breakup, y’all ever been the kill of the final kill cam on COD 😓

them “remember when” conversations be some of the best talk. 😭

3 days ago

tiktok is the epicenter of drama

Cookouts can only go one of two ways

Cookouts can only go one of two ways

Instagram is losing me, I just view the first five stories then dip

lets go somewhere

The only happy ending

The only happy ending

Can we normalize not wanting to talk without it meaning your mad or acting funny .

what part of STOP SPENDING MONEY dont i fucking understand !!!! 😫😫

7 days ago

Me after waking up and trying to remember that wonderful dream

i need a long drive and some good music

the mango seed after i finished sucking it dry

the mango seed after i finished sucking it dry

Pre-Covid I thought I was going to have a Controlla/Summer 2016 type summer.

7 days ago

why are we allowed to go back to school

I’ll catch an attitude REAL quick when someone tries to tell me to do something that I was just about to do

10 days ago

Does your mum hide the passports or are you guys normal

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