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Losing you was a blessing. Thank you.

The quickest Ramadhan, ever.

Raya songs never get old.

Jadi diri sendiri. Belajar menghargai.

I am doing fine without you. Stay gone.

You ain’t shit. Remember that.

It’s true. No longer a myth. I get bored easily.

Di dekatnya aku lebih tenang, Bersamanya jalan lebih terang.

Missing someone is just a useless feeling.

Everyone is stupid when they are in love.

You are the one who left. Stay gone.

I hate when people think I can’t live without them. Well, fuck you. I am all fine.

I don’t need you to be happy.

I am good enough. For once, I am good enough.

I don’t forget. I remembered what you’ve done.

I will never be your option. I won’t.

Maybe I don’t need you anymore.

Celebrate all of your small victories.

I miss you so much. It hurts inside.

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