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an hour ago

Does anyone know of real-estste developers, giving Non-government workers in Accra homes, on mortgage basis?

I am looking a quantitative research or statistics TA or recent graduate for paid work. Contact and or dm in case you are interested @mir3ku

17 hours ago
Here is Beyoncé            Here is Beyoncé
        in 2000                           in 2019

Here is Beyoncé Here is Beyoncé in 2000 in 2019

an hour ago

I haven't bought new clothes since January, 2019.

the second funniest thing about the reddit gamestop affair is the comment i just read “what are they gonna arrest us for? outsider trading?”

an hour ago

Quoted @Joy997FM

COVID-19 in Ghana: The long and short is that, post COVID problems are there. You can have fatigue, hair loss, mental health issues, anxiety, neurocognitive disorders - Dr. Justice Yankson [General Sec., Ghana Medical Association #JoySMS


an hour ago

Quoted @SAIIA_info

'Despite the challenges of #COVID-19, Africa is in a strong position to leverage the opportunities that the #digitaleconomy offers' - @AlastairTempest , CEO of Ecommerce Forum South Africa #digitaldisruption #AfCFTA #4IR #4IRAfCFTA


3 hours ago

You can remove any filter off of a picture or video. Thought niggas knew this?

3 hours ago

Happy, happy birthday, Candy. All the best of life and things to you ❤️❤️❤️ @candyy_m

13 hours ago

Quoted @Mister_Manaf

So this silhouette challenge, our queens go fit do some? Unless dem set the camera for front elevation because anything from the side go expose them big time😭

See bait. Lmao

13 hours ago

All I have to say is ... anka ma titi.

though you say you want to die, you actually live that much harder. though you say you want to put everything down, you actually carry another weight. even the thought of not having a thought is a thought. that this is, in fact, our destiny, that we smile in endless pain.

no matter how dark the night might be, morning will come.

21 hours ago

Quoted @LanglahAmie

found myself ending my prayers with “i really beg you, God” lately because agyegon😂


Apparently if you want a free personality rebrand and image rehabilitation in Ghana, all you have to do is die.

2 days ago

Quoted @4TheCulture____

One cake gotta go which one ??🤔

One cake gotta go which one ??🤔

What's carrot doing in a cake?

there’s no way that i’m not afraid. there’s no way that everything is okay. but, i know. awkwardly, i flow with that black wind, i fly.

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