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Who knew that sipping a mimosa at a restaurant will be a rarity this year!!😭 Thanks 2020 for teaching us the importance of small pleasures . #2020 #newworldorder #restaurant #cocktails @ The Finch https://t.co/9tnnMdTtYF

Curing my #SundayBlues with some #gulabjamun from @jhama.sweets Their Gulab Jamun and Sev Barfi can legit cure anything!!! Have you tried it yet?? #indiansweets #gulabjamun #sevbarfi #SundayBlues #delicious https://t.co/5o24qJEiP3

Momo Monday is the best kinda Monday no? Enjoyed some delicious #momos from wowmomos and boy they were delicious! So, no need to miss momos anymore...just order from #wowmomo #bouncebackindia @ Vasant Oasis -… https://t.co/yp9zDUxIbS

Though I am a hardcore non vegetarian I do love me some paneer occasionally and nothing can beat some good Paneer kebabs on a lazy Sunday afternoon ❤️ Happy Sunday peeps! #kebabs #paneertikka #vegetarians… https://t.co/bmggN4wgKT

I am not the biggest fan of hummus, but most of the people I love absolutely love it and hence it always makes the perfect party starter with some lavash sticks! Tried making the hummus using the recipe by… https://t.co/tMCWed5NpF

I want something that is delicious and guilt free....when asked for 3 wishes, one of my wishes was always this... And now, it's finally come true!! brooklyncreamry has arrived with gorgeous ice creams that are… https://t.co/lr6Ob5DvgF

I want something that is delicious and guilt free....when asked for 3 wishes, one of my wishes was always this... And now, it's finally come true!! brooklyncreamry has arrived with gorgeous ice creams that are… https://t.co/WrRUl3ueYI

I have always been a lover of all things clothes and all things food. And considering that I am on.a limited paycheck, I draw a fine line between shopping and splurging and thus, am always on the lookout for… https://t.co/zMtgP9FOqZ

Ganpati marks the beginning of the Festive season in India and this year...thanks to this shit Pandemic, it's hard to feel festive at all! I tried to get in the holiday mood by taking a day off from the kitchen and… https://t.co/4B76KwluRb

Khow Suey is truly one of the best outcomes of Globalisation! 😋 One of my favourite Khow Suey from the city comes from yazumumbai and when I found out that they are now delivering, that is the first thing I… https://t.co/BpGsUiFrDt

Ever since @1441_Pizzeria has come in my life, I have stopped ordering pizzas from anywhere else! It's delicious, different and more VFM then any of those pizza chains out there. I chose to try their Gourmet… https://t.co/qg8qABYAkZ

On rainy days like today, many crave for Vada or bhajji or Samosas.... Not me.... I crave my kebabs and my old monk! I had my Old Monk sorted with me, but was so bored to cook that I ordered some fab kebabs and… https://t.co/5KHi3H23Ah

A much needed week with good weather, better company and best food 😍😍😍😍 #lonavla #roadtrip #misalpav #misal #cheesemisal #kandabhaji @ Buaachi Misal https://t.co/TWt4tNm2Ub

Number 2 on the list of my "Food I Miss" Series is Frankie! I used to stay in mahim and in my galli was the best Frankie wala ever! His Frankie masala was unbeatable and I used to eat there atleast once a week -… https://t.co/RSdrcLzFZw

Series Alert!! I have been craving some specific meals from specific places and that gave rise to an Idea! - Let's cook it at home! So the debutante in my Food I Miss is Bisi Bile Bhaat from Ramashray! I made… https://t.co/c5By97f25O

Was in.the.mood for some Mexican food and after looking through Zomato for a restaurant that I could consider safe, I came accross pocolocotapasandbar . Having dined at Poco Loco before, I have, first hand, seen… https://t.co/jUb9GqcJA4

Bohri Cuisine is truly a blessing for all us carnivores out there. While the flavors are distinctive, the treatment if the meat on this cuisine is absolutely amazing and of just enhances all those brilliant flavours… https://t.co/4YlhseTmm2

Just leaving you with a Carousel of #dimsums to remind you that we have something to look forward to after this shit Pandemic!! #gocoronago @ Mumbai, Maharashtra https://t.co/oyxi2Uafuy

Got up today out of hunger...like most Sundays, to be honest. But what was different today was that i had a fix to my problem. The Sriracha Prawns Spread by licious_foods literally saved my Sunday!! Licious… https://t.co/fqzubfPmXL

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