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It’s giving tampax commercial.

Every woman has wet ass just don’t get it wet, sir. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.

4 days ago

schools be like ‘we can’t enforce mask wearing’ but enforced girls to wear only skin colour bras in high school and punished us for having colour or patterns on them🧡

3 days ago

My love language is not having to ask

ever since i learned that your mirror is more accurate than your camera my self esteem just📈

Fire signs:♈️♌️♐️ Y’all got hella money coming your way. For some of you I sense a connection that ended due to someone having issues with pride. If you were dealing with an Aries or Taurus expect big changes! I get HEAVY twin flame energy with this spread. You guys are

people thinking aries is the worst fire sign when sagittarius is right there. i have to laugh.


Me thinking that I've fixed my life just because I cleaned My Room

When you think you got the WAP but your period just came down 😂😂😂😂😒😒🤓🤓😒😒🤓😒

Schools are saying “we can’t enforce mask wearing” as if they haven’t enforced girls to cover up for decades

Rule #1 never let your parents know how much you’re making lmao

if a tall person teases a short person for their height they're automatically flirting

U don’t hate cats u just cant handle rejection

Quoted @ImShadySpice

If you sneak your boyfriend on the girls trip we gon sneak fuck em. He better be prepared for a train. Cause now I wanna know why you can’t get off his dick for a weekend.

if you wanna fuck your friend nigga, just say that sis.

nothing kills me more than ignoring my intuition and it turning out that I was right

Women saying “spoiling goes both ways” have never been spoiled & I KNOW it. There’s nothing spoiled about returning the favor. You spend $300 on me & the next week I spend $300 on you? MF we may as well bought our own shit. that’s not spoiling: THAT’S a transactional performance.

If you masturbate to your imagination & not porn, you way too powerful 😳🤣🤣

attractive people have an A in their name

18 days ago

idc how i’m viewed, i know me.. i’m good

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