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the people call me Legs. || Burnergate dude. || i hate my favorite teams. || Sixers-Man City-Steelers-Marlins. || St. Joe's Alum. || Tweets are my own.

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Quoted @ryanfagan

When you were a kid, what player's batting stance was your favorite to imitate?

Junior Griffey

Quoted @soconnor76

@legsanity Counterpoint: after this year we’re two years from Jo free agency. I never get the sense he wants to be anywhere else. But I think you need to treat each season with urgency because we’re on the clock now.

this is very fair and probably the popular sentiment. the Sixers are in a bad spot and have no one to blame but themselves for that for not hiring a new GM after Burnergate. a small recalibration is needed imo. do they have time for that? tbd

letting guys like Shake and Maxey play is important for a few reasons. what if they show they are pieces that can push the team over the top (at some point)? OR what if they show they are good enough to be pieces in a potential star trade? have to find out sooner than later.

the Sixers aren't going to win a title this year. we all (should) know that. this year should be about maximizing Ben and Jo to see if they can indeed be good enough together to win a title in the future.

Quoted @Honeybo52188140

@legsanity I love how people in this town (writers included) are going nuts over Maxey He was the 21st pick in the draft and can't shoot If you can get Lou Will for Mike Scott and 2 2nds and some other slop - do it Surround Ben and Joel with shooters shooters and more shooters

Maxey can shoot, Honeyboy

Quoted @Flanatico812

@legsanity Do you think a big wing would be more important then? I just think that it would be so much easier for Ben to play alongside a true pg than him having to be the primary iniciator

i would prefer bringing in a wing type that can shoot than a backup PG

the Sixers shouldn't sign a backup point guard imo. they should let Shake and Maxey handle a lot of the non-Ben PG duties to start the season. if they decide they need a more seasoned/true backup option, they can always get one later. let Shake and Maxey play imo.

Quoted @TheSteinLine

2021: NBA All-Star Weekend postponed 2022: Cleveland 2023: Salt Lake City 2024: Indianapolis

murderers row

the players are in a no-win situation and prob should avoid speaking out publicly

the players are most upset bc they lost their bye week and this would have been their pseudo-bye week instead. it is unfortunate, but it is what it is.

i can understand how the team is frustrated bc it's not them having the issues, but cmon, you gotta look at the bigger picture.

Quoted @TeamJuJu

First the NFL takes away our bye week because another team can’t get their Covid situation together, now they take away our Thanksgiving primetime game for the same reason. Smh.

i understand the disappointment, but it really is the right call.

Quoted @AdamSchefter

Ravens-Steelers game postponed until Sunday afternoon.

the right call. surprised they actually did it since they made the 49ers play super shorthanded on a Thursday night a few weeks ago.

ah man, not Maradona

played against Tim Mayza in high school. played in the same tournament as Joey Gallo in Cooperstown. i'm sure there are others i don't know of.

Quoted @DannyVietti

Name a baseball player you saw in person before they made it big in the big leagues. I’ll start: Buster Posey

i saw Jurickson Profar play for Curacao in the Little League World Series (the only time i've gone too)

@SportsCheetah Schlenk said in a season ticket holder call today that Gallo agreed to come off the bench.

Quoted @jphanned

Updated Hawks depth chart: PG - Trae, Rondo, Goodwin SG - Bogdanovic, Huerter, Dunn SF - Reddish, Hunter, Snell PF - Collins, Gallinari C - Capela, Okongwu, Fernando

the Hawks will be very interesting to watch, if nothing else

absolutely disastrous first 30 minutes

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