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@SkyNews So the police commissioner should "step down" because a thicko was driving on the WRONG side of the road with a baby in the car & was stopped by the police? She is trying to stir up racial tension to get away with it, Team GB need to deal with her & sack her for this

@SkyNews She wasn’t stopped and searched lol! The car she was in was speeding, illegal black tinted out windows, driving the wrong side of the road, and failed to stop! Then when asked to get the car she started screaming and shouting at officers doing there job and filmed it!

@SkyNews The body cam evidence clearly shows she lied. She should be barred from competing for the UK in any sport.

a day ago

@SkyNews 1.They had legitimate reason to stop them 2. Car had tinted windows so they couldnt see the occupants race before they stopped them 3. Once they did stop them they were hostile and refused to cooperate. Yet its the polices fault. The lack of personal responsibilty is laughable

@SkyNews Never been pulled over while driving? Even I have & I lived in a sleepy village at the time. Tip for you: Cooperate, don’t drive erratically & don’t screech at them. Giving it the ‘do you know who I am’ response isn’t helpful either. Nice victimhood acting for the camera

@MercedesAMGF1 @PET_Motorsports Just race stop turing the racing into political correctness bs

@SkyNews We seriously need to get a grip. Police being attacked daily and Sky pick this story to run with. Would they have posted this if the family were any other race? https://t.co/tvKvrS1lVK

@SkyNews You make it seem that this only happens to black people. If you’re a copper and someone matches the description of a wanted criminal you’re going to stop them even if they think that they should get a diversity pass.

@SkyNews Notice that the bandwagon celebs from recent weeks haven't much to say about the riots

12 days ago

@BBCNews No doubt this will disappear from the news faster than the banner by the Burnley fan. Also if that thug that smashed up the police car had a job would he have been sacked.. and his girlfriend

@BBCNews What an absolute disgrace, the talk of police brutality over here is laughable its the exact opposite...

@BBCNews Strange party. All the guests had knives and weapons. Why don’t you report the real story!!!

@BBCNews 22 police injured, stabbings, emergency services refusing to enter the area and the BBC report it as an illegal street party. Sounds like a fucking riot to me.

12 days ago

@SkyNews They were too busy wearing glitter, doing street dances & bending the knee. They are not police anymore

@SkyNews Liars! This was not a street party. https://t.co/m446fZQVUw

@SkyNews Liars! This was not a street party. https://t.co/m446fZQVUw

12 days ago

@SkyNews This is embarrassing the police in London are a joke they need to go in heavy handed with these lot and give them a good hiding. Softly softly doesn’t work!

@SkyNews Guess how the "Street Party" started https://t.co/1KQ187uFTg

@SkyNews Guess how the "Street Party" started https://t.co/1KQ187uFTg

@SkyNews But police have guns, battens and tazers. Why retreat? Why not defend yourself and arrest the perpetrators

@SkyNews Another example of the law not applying to blacks.

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