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I love how getting a boob job and whatever else wants is more important to her than seeing and having her kids. I can't imagine her as a mother #90DayFianceHappilyEverAfter

How did Malia go from Adam to Tom?? They're 2 completely diff people #BelowDeckMed

Sorry Tom the guests prob don't want salmonella. But you go ahead and be mad and call them stupid. Stfu #BelowDeckMed

Is this moron @realDonaldTrump serious???? He's saying the man in Portland was killed in the middle of the street like he couldn't believe it. Yet our police are gunning down black men in the streets and he says nothing about that. #BLM #hesajoke #VoteForBidenHarris #CNN

Yes this administration is SCARING US!!!!!!!#CNN

Darcey 100% bought herself those flowers 😂😂😂😂 #DarceyAndStacey

See Malia your man isn't as perfect as you make it seem #BelowDeckMed

Tom is acting like a baby about the cake. #BelowDeckMed

I'm not looking forward to listening to Malia talk about Tom constantly #BelowDeckMed

I'm def not a fan of Memphis. He wants to order people to play the suite and then punish them for not doing it. #BB22

Wow Elizabeth's dad and brother just want to argue and fight. #90DayFianceHappilyEverAfter

I'm proud of Asuelu for sticking up for Kalani and for his family to his mother and sister #90DayFianceHappilyEverAfter

There's nothing more enjoyable in life than watching Paul run 😂😂😂#90DayFianceHappilyEverAfter

Can the guy from the MLB Network learn the Cubs names please?? He got Javi's and Heyward's names wrong 😂😂😂😂 #cubsvsbrewers

I am so dam proud to be a lefty!!! There's not a lot of us and that makes us special. Yes it's tough to be a lefty I wouldn't have it any other way! #proudtobealefty #thisgirlisalefty #lefty

Wow Malia is a snitch bitch? Did she really need to take a pic of that and send it to captain Sandy? She said that Hannah's been taking them every night so why all the sudden did she decide to go and snitch? #belowdeckmed

Malia needs to worry about the deck and the deck crew. Whether or not the kitchen is messy is not her concern. I like Malia but she's starting to act like her shit don't stink #belowdeckmed

Kenny and Armando are so adorable!! I love love and to see these two who are so happy together melts my heart. Congrats to them both!! #KennyandArmando #90dayfiancetheotherway

I love to watch Paul run!! ❤❤#90dayhappilyeverafter

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