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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Joined on October 20, 2010

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It’s 12 Feb which can only mean one thing... National Anti-Click-Through Rate Day is back! Calling out overuse of click-through-rates and mixing up measurement strategies. For free & simple advice visit (And always remember, don’t be a #clickhead)

Don’t be a #clickhead Remember click-through rates only tell half the story.

Noticed how your Etisalat network name has changed to ‘Aqdar Sid’? The change comes to mark ‘Safer Internet Day’ (SID) – an initiative celebrated on February 11 by nations around the world

Breaking: Instagram revenue was around $20 billion in 2019, sources tell me. That's more than a quarter of Facebook's sales. That also beats YouTube's $15B.

7 months ago

Get attached to this #gmail update: You can now attach emails to other emails without downloading them. Learn more →

The birthdate requirement is the latest step Instagram has taken to move away from longstanding principles such as anonymity that had distinguished it from Facebook’s namesake app.

Every day is an #internetday for us. Can't imagine a day without it, can you?

Quoted @JonErlichman

On this day in 1994: first banner ad

On this day in 1994: first banner ad

First banner ad ran 25 years ago.

Dubai launches E-commerce strategy

10 months ago

In 2000, a green Versace jungle print dress inspired the creation of Google Images. Almost 20 years later, we’re revisiting the fashion moment that changed Search → #VersaceSS20

Dear news sites... If you write "x shared on Instagram" then link to it on Instagram. No one wants to click that link and go to your Instagram news archive page... EVER! The same applies to Twitter, Facebook, Reddit etc etc. All it does is make people leave your site to find it.

Quoted @JonErlichman

First computer mouse demo in 1968:

A mouse!

a year ago

Every website in 2019:

Quoted @thenextweb

Instagram tests Threads app for 'intimate sharing' with close friends

Snapchat: "we are struggling because no one wants 'one more app" Instagram: "Hold my hummous!"

May the Almighty fill your life with happiness and success today and always. EID Mubarak! #KreataGlobal

SMART is our new way of doing things. Do share your smart thoughts on our new website! Visit now - #KreataGlobal

This summer, we are bringing in fresh breath of smartness into our online presence. Follow us on Instagram & share some love! Link: #KreataGlobal

Apple latest anti-tracking update is out, this time affecting first-party as well as third-party data cookies

Quoted @verge

Microsoft Excel now lets you convert photos of data tables into a fully editable table

Life is good.

Quoted @JonErlichman

On this day in 2005: YouTube founded

On this day in 2005: YouTube founded

That explains why YouTube algorithm is behaving like a teenager these days.

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