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Up and coming Hip Hop recording artist

Joined on July 15, 2017

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Joy won't feel so good if it wasn't for pain.

Y'all shd hv a blessed Friday

Y'all shd hv a blessed Friday

Who else even gets irritated by #blacklifematters I mean I don't have to say my life matter for u to know so. We're all humans

@kid_kudus x @PhrimpongSongs 
The salary EP lunch
Its on all media platforms

@kid_kudus x @PhrimpongSongs The salary EP lunch Its on all media platforms

J. Cole
a year ago

Thank you @Kaepernick7 we ain’t forgot. @nfl let the man work.

Quoted @thenurseg

Sco pa tu manaa

Sco pa tu manaa

Retweet if you prefer Injection 💉 to Pills 💊

There's an EP coming. Watch out 🔥🔥 #kid_kudus

Happy Birthday King @sarkodie. Also, welcome to the Kaba Family.

Quoted @ShoMadjozi

The problem is that on top of being talented, men must find us attractive. That’s the problem. And that problem is compounded by the fact that as black people our idea of beauty is very colonized.


Mom of the year she is

This beef thing between @AmgMedikal and @StrongmanBurner I won't take sides because they're all lame. If u hv a fight with a man, fight the man to show you're a man. You don't fight his lady.

XXXTentacion posted this video one year ago today—the day before his death. It was one of his last social media posts. #LLJ 🕊️

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