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Hablamo ahora niΓ±o

Quoted @bbyybriii

I need a drink .. or 17

No lie I need to be passed out del jumΓ³

Lmfaoo que pariguayo

Boutta have a blast this weekend

Having a mask on for these long ass shifts is a dub fr

Quoted @p1nkrain

How Dominican men with bottles and a hookah pose

How Dominican men with bottles and a hookah pose


Conforme con la voluntad de mi Dios siempre ❀️

Mejor no digo nada is always my mood

Quoted @edbankz_

Need these vibes

Need these vibes

En un campo in DR, movie

A correr lo lakerssss

I’ve been so busy lately, me ta llevando el diablo

a day ago

Keep the blessings to yourself watch how you win 🍾

El que tenga tienda que la atienda o que la venda

Quoted @GrannMierda

I saw a video of a man calmly asking for a divorce... this is my version

Por lo menos le dio un consejo y to, respecto

Quoted @AriTheDon

My nigga being too sweet to me. I need to start some bullshit cause unh uhn... 🀨 Lol.

you’re a grown ass adult

I heard dr airports closing again

2 days ago

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL black sitcoms aren’t doing it like this anymore

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