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Scottish. Filmmaker. Actress. 5ft 11. Ginger.

Joined on April 12, 2012

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Got cut off dammit https://t.co/KRys5TuULt

🥃 thank you survey monkeys 🐵 https://t.co/r6FixJbTWh

📲| Karen (@karengillan) via Instagram Story. https://t.co/OUlwIZ1xkE

Quoted @jamesAPFairlie

I finally got round to doing this - a remix of @karengillan singing her (soon to be) hit song, Magical Paradise. https://t.co/lDR3xBeZEN

This is amazing and made me laugh so much!!! #magicalparadise https://t.co/iySrlw37K5

Hello everyone!! Might you have a wee 5 mins spare to fill out a questionnaire for me? If you do I’ll post a song or impersonation of your choice! Best request wins! #noihaventbeenhacked here’s the link! https://t.co/3Cx2W9HseH

Get’cha vote on

Just dropped my new single “Hemsy’s Going Down”!! I am playing in the @agboleague fantasy football charity league again for my charity @mikeysline_ and thanks to @fanduel there is a $1M prize pool up for grabs.  @chrishemsworth you are going DOWN. #AGBOSuperheroLeague https://t.co/WaL817VGQQ

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Karen Gillan is the world's tallest 8 year old https://t.co/o0pFxKYU7Q

I’m a very diligent worker on set https://t.co/8UVaXdFpX6

20 years ago i attempted suicide. for the third time. it’s nothing short of a miracle that i’m alive today. friends, first responders doctors brought me back from death. i need you to know if you’re reading this & feeling hopeless that you are not alone. https://t.co/bWZ8m3hhdA

Thanks for having me Sense Magazine! 📸 by @selashiloni https://t.co/Kss78uSdbi

Thanks for having me Sense Magazine! 📸 by @selashiloni https://t.co/Kss78uSdbi

Rewatching the UK ‘The Office’ and it’s just the greatest comedy

As I take a scary big step into the world of tech I have to thank @nickabouzeid who is now my guardian tech angel! Thank you for all your help! I’d be very confused without you!! 🤣Wish me luck as I dive into the unknown...more to follow folks. #ditto

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@karengillan brilliant directorial debut. Poignant, moving, weirdly transfixing and such a great commentary on the struggles we all seem to have with mental health. #recommended

Thank you! https://t.co/b4sRANDE9b

@karengillan please can you retweet to help a young family out https://t.co/KjiAzjA4VG

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 opened 6 years ago today. Wow. https://t.co/krClcHQBpP

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 opened 6 years ago today. Wow. https://t.co/krClcHQBpP

😍 https://t.co/4zovFngCvR

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We’re dedicating this #TBT to @jumanjimovie with a special clip. 🎬 Check it out to behind the scenes with @karengillan, @KevinHart4real, @jackblack, @TheRock AND @nickjonas! Relive the world of Jumanji at the Box & On Demand today! https://t.co/APEZIJqq2B

I miss these guys!!! #jumanji https://t.co/LvWYixz7kT

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The Scotsman Sessions #69: Rachel Jackson performs an excerpt from Meteoroids, a black comedy she wrote as a vehicle for herself and Kate Dickie - intro by @paulwhitelaw https://t.co/iyNWk4DtWx @r_jacz

Go on @r_jacz !!! 🎉 https://t.co/tYUhSqGAjc

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We just had to do our version of our favourite movie this time😂❤️ #JumanjiTheNextLevel Pls help retweet until @TheRock @KevinHart4real @karengillan see this https://t.co/Wez2ZAG8FQ

Love this. GREAT job kids!! 😂👏🏾👊🏾 Keep having fun and we appreciate the love! 🙏🏾❤️ @KevinHart4real @karengillan @jackblack @SonyPictures #JUMANJI https://t.co/CX3WhHZzMk

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