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So for those that’s been asking,Venmo is doggface208 n https://t.co/kAuLtnhqlN n cashapp $420Doggface208 I really appreciate the love an support y’all the best 🤙🏼🤪🖖🏼 stay safe an blessed an blazed

I just want to say thanks to everybody that’s showing love and support that video with the RV was a while ago I bought it when I saved up $1000 I am still in The RV but I am in front of my brothers so now I have a place to shower and💩(not in that order)BONG!!mucho thank yous 🖖🏼

So thanks for the love and support an here it is my original video same as all going around but yes thanks for the love n donations it’s very appreciated an much needed 🤙🏼 vibe on world https://t.co/gkCgc1U9As

My sister just texted me from home saying the bombing at Pōhakuloa is terrible tonight, the 2nd night in a row. She said there’s a bomb every 15 seconds. It’s 11:26pm. My heart hurts for home, for ʻāina, for Pōhakuloa. This is why we must #DemilitarizeHawaii

Quoted @_WhatRiot

There are absolutely no words for the brutilization happening right now. https://t.co/f72OrHUKyF

Thousands of Portlanders showed up every night to protest federal troops invading their city. Kate Brown's response was to federalize state and local police. The Governor handed the entire state to Trump. https://t.co/W4vL1HtW5u

Yaaaasssss our Brazilian sisters are mixing Capoeira in with their voguing!!! https://t.co/OHGtDnRjbN

#ShArchive update: Websites are a pain to keep updating so here’s a spreadsheet of the current “menu” for anyone who needs/wants access. I’ll be updating it periodically. 💖 https://t.co/CNi8AJZSvZ

the weaponization of identity politics is best exemplified by people who think that everything is the weaponization of identity politics

There seems to be some severe misunderstanding going on about why “Hapa” as a term exists and why it is important for non-Hawaiians to stop using it.

Quoted @davidfrum

“I’m willing to do something radically ethically wrong for the sake of my own advancement- and then I’m going to spend the rest of my life judging other people.”

That is definitely a great impression of... yourself https://t.co/OPS7F64GME

Quoted @socialistdogmom

jenny, not only are those not amy coney barrett's haitian children, that isn't even amy coney barrett. that's her sister, carrie. https://t.co/agaXgWKseq

Holy shit https://t.co/t2kxyiezvT

Do not, my friends, become addicted to water, as “supply conditions are extremely variable year to year, and the relative scarcity of water is what determines price” https://t.co/B8AMP4xY5H

It could be on All Hallows’ Eve, too. As long as its sometime during spooky season

We can do this, people. Focus your crystal energy or whatever

I’m usually not into manifesting but I’ll make this one exception: I’m asking the universe to kill Henry Kissinger before Halloween 2020

While you losers cry to the new Sufjan Stevens I’m swiffering the living room blasting old Green Day after watching the Ocean Spray-chugging skateboard tiktok guy vibing to Brain Stew

...the same political system we’re expected to continue to legitimize through our votes, is the same political system that legislated rac[e/ialization] and therefore racial hierarchy, and legalized racial oppression. etc. etc. there ain’t no easy way out of this.

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