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Comics and RPG creator seeking perfect water. Heavy metal, D&D, Troika!, RPGs 4-ever, puppies. He/him.

Kentucky, USA
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And that's a thing that cannot be sustained without more shit being broken. And people being broken. Protest is violence, on some level, and to treat it like a personality trait is just kind of strange to me. /random thoughts

I'm not firing shots at anyone or anything. It's just a thought that's been hovering in my head for a while. It comes up a lot when people complain about protesters doing damage. Like... I'm not in favor of breaking shit, but it is the nature of the beast that shit gets broken.

A character whose "thing" is to be political and go to protests kind of undermines the idea of what protests are meant to do, right? You don't protest as a hobby. The point is to change shit so protesting isn't necessary anymore. Turning it into a trait is sort of weird.

Cozmic Metal Heads - Random Order Creations | https://t.co/cMRnTsR9Y5 https://t.co/5zgRVzt3P3 Robot action for your Troika! gaming needs.

Quoted @edheil

TAG YOURSELF. My weakness is Blowgun Darts https://t.co/SKWlXCJ13J

Jokes. I got jokes. The internet is my death trap. https://t.co/hGlzcs3yzY

https://t.co/sdpREOgDBk This is not only the best album I've heard in 2020, it's one of the best I've ever heard. After two dozen listens I'm loving it even more.

GOZR: If you be a wizard, you have a weakness. Roll it!
#GOZR https://t.co/AqKBHgbyfn

GOZR: If you be a wizard, you have a weakness. Roll it! #GOZR https://t.co/AqKBHgbyfn

I just backed Much the Miller's Son: The Doomsday Book on @Kickstarter https://t.co/w68gqYfXV5

https://t.co/DhzWcWo1uY I made a separate blog for my pinup art so I could let my hair down a bit. Not everyone's cup of tea, but it's there if you like it. Not thrilled about still using blogger but also not motivated enough to switch right now.

https://t.co/w4mcfEpknQ Some notes about GOZR creatures.

https://t.co/5zgRVzt3P3 The PDF is now available at DTRPG. Robot time. Print version coming soon.

Funny story: Tiny Take worked fine, but it stole ctrl+D from Photoshop! While TT was installed, I could not hotkey a deselection. WEIRD. Uninstalled.

Tiny Take seems to be OK. Fast and very simple for very simple people like me.

CamStudio is the one I'm seeing a lot.

What's a decent free video screen capture software that works with Win 7?

The posts suggesting Gygax based an erotic temptress on a little girl who wrote him a letter are pathetic and represent uncritical, Don Quixote level windmill tilting.

Iron Maiden. I recall browsing records in a shop in 1989 and being amazed at all the special editions. Always had a flair for cool merch.

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