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Houston, TX
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This is real funny but who puts pots and pans in the upper head cabinet..... https://t.co/nb3tDwflcV

I cannot wait for my mom to start watching kdramas again and STOP WATCHING CONSERVATIVE FB PROPAGANDA 😭 pls I can’t wait for this mf election to be over

Be carefree. Be you. Be special. https://t.co/y5ZzHJd2mN

Quoted @A24

From writer/director Lee Isaac Chung comes a sweeping American epic about a Korean family putting down roots in the rugged heartland. Watch the new trailer for Sundance heart-stealer and Grand Jury Prize-winner, #Minari. https://t.co/ZcUC4fwnqW

Steven Yeun AND Youn Yeo Jung?! Elite casting https://t.co/A7ViN7XjW5

funniest moment of 2020 https://t.co/N8og5KPQT6

What if Biden was just like “bro shut the fuck up”

i think just found my expensive hobby hehe

i may have lost my mind but should i be a rock mom.....

me as crewmate: chillin me as imposter: anxious!!!!

Lmao trump saying “I brought back football”
Joe Biden: https://t.co/clm6FTUjge

Lmao trump saying “I brought back football” Joe Biden: https://t.co/clm6FTUjge

Hearing Biden say he’s proud of his son for overcoming his addiction to cocaine, just made me happy but so sad at the same time. Kids are off limits, no matter how old they are. Trump is disgusting. I can’t believe you guys elected this man president.

a day ago

they asked trump to condemn white supremacy and he said “no💗.”

For the record: the terrorist White Supremacist group "Proud Boys" updated their logo TONIGHT to include the ominous words "STAND BY." Given to them by "The President."

this is elder abuse

If you missed the debate here’s a quick recap https://t.co/QucwDyR0eX

donald trump talking about climate change like #Debates2020 https://t.co/J8AziwuwBj

Chris Wallace is literally debating Donald Trump on climate change right now. This is embarrassing. #Debates2020

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