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For you-enjoy- toys&collectibles-collecting for many years- o.k. to be funny but not ill-spirited-enjoy a smooth day

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If the California fires could turn every California Republican into a Democrat overnight, and give Joe Biden millions more votes, it would be utterly inconsequential in terms of his winning the election. Do not ever look at national numbers without looking at states.

Democrats run California- Newsom has approved thousands of fracking permits but please do go on about these magical neolibs and how good they are for the environment

Here's one problem you get running a campaign based around appealing to elites: they literally won't allow you to even try to make a single, half-assed pitch to people who aren't ultra wealthy

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Quoted @Sally_Albrigh

I will continue to work on getting the Green Party off the ballot in every state possible. Thanks to my help, it has already happened twice. Independent voters should not be voting Green, they should be voting BLUE like a normal person. #BidenHarris2020

This has made me even more committed to my #GreenParty vote, and to #NeverBiden. #DemExit Any Dem who promotes this campaign to get the Green Party off ballots, is dead to me. Thank you. You have done more for #HAWKINSWALKER2020 than any endorsement. 🙏

Ryan Grim
10 hours ago

Charles Johnson, who accompanied former Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, denies that the pair offered Julian Assange a pardon from Trump, but asked Assange to share what he knew about his sources with the US govt.

Quoted @caitoz

Exposing War Crimes Should Always Be Legal. Committing And Hiding Them Should Not. "In a healthy world, governments would see truth as something to be desired and actively sought, not something to be repressed and punished." #AssangeTrial #Assange

#Assange #FreeAssangeNOW

Tax the rich.

To Invent Our Way Beyond COVID-19, We Need Open Science - via @commondreams

'Astounding': Trump Officials Reportedly Bypassed CDC Scientists to Publish 'Dangerous' Covid-19 Testing Guidelines - via @commondreams

Trump Blasted for 'McCarthy-Like' Call for 'Patriotic Education' and Attack on Howard Zinn, 1619 Project - via @commondreams

'National Human Disaster' Looms as Utility Shutoff Moratoriums Come to an End Across US - via @commondreams

Top Dems Demand IG Probe Into Possible Illegal Election Influencing in Favor of Trump by William Barr - via @commondreams

Bolstering Case for Single Payer, Study Shows For-Profit Insurer Plans Pay Hospitals Nearly 250% More Than Medicare - via @commondreams

'Unprecedented Abuse of Emergency Powers': Free Speech Advocates Denounce Trump Effort to Ban TikTok, WeChat Apps - via @commondreams

Ex-Pence Aide, Covid Task Force Member, Denounces Trump's 'Flat-Out Disregard for Human Life' in Biden Defection Video - via @commondreams

Amid Pandemic and Endless War, 170+ Global Organizations Urge World Leaders to 'Recommit to Peace Today' - via @commondreams

Right-Wing Operatives Accused of Trying to Entrap Progressive Pro-Democracy Groups in North Carolina to Undermine Their Election Work - via @commondreams

As Early Voting Begins in Key States, Advocates Emphasize 'Election Day' Not Just in November This Year—It's Now! - via @commondreams

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