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That John Fritchey. Former legislator. 1 kid. 1 dog. Twitter deleted 13K of my earliest tweets, probably for the best.

Joined on November 27, 2008

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Another solid call-out by @RexChapman 👍🏼

I pre-ordered my @Oculus 2 in preparation for the pandemic winter. I'm little kid excited.

This is not going to help the jobless numbers for water-skiing squirrels.

I've been on hold with @MyPillowUSA customer service for 21 minutes and their hold music is @ElvisPresley's rendition of Amazing Grace. On a loop. The bad news is that I'm about to hang up out of frustration at the wait. The good news is that I was blind but now I see.

Has there ever been an explanation given as to why the closing music at @realDonaldTrump rallies is YMCA? I mean...

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This award does not exist

Sigh. And nobody will care. 😐

Looks like @CameronNewton went straight from Sunday service to the stadium today.


Looks like @CameronNewton went straight from Sunday service to the stadium today. #Swagger

Funny you would say that, it was this morning but I can’t get on now.

Decided to bet my proud Chicagoan @ChicagoBears @Cubs @whitesox parlay today.


Decided to bet my proud Chicagoan @ChicagoBears @Cubs @whitesox parlay today. #WinnerWinner

Cannot begin to count how many hours I’ve spent listening to #TootsHibbard, with and without ⁦@tootsmaytals⁩, and how many times I saw him perform live. RIP to a iconic performer. Thanks for the vibes.

The World Wildlife Fund released a study stating that we've lost 2/3 of our wildlife populations globally between 1970 and 2016. In other words, we've done more damage to our wildlife in FORTY-SIX YEARS than was done in the millions of years beforehand. Pathetic.

As somebody once wrote, "It's the beautiful roses shadowed by the pills and rope." Be kind to everyone. Please.

Suicide doesn’t always look like you may think. You can’t see people’s mental health; someone could be suicidal and still be talking to you while laughing and smiling. Often times, it's the fight between what they want people to see and their struggle within.

Young, old, rich, poor, white, black, brown, straight, gay or other, suicide doesn't discriminate. Suicidal thoughts and actions are often seen as a sign of weakness when far more often, they stem from mental illness, hopelessness and despair, especially in times like these.

Today is #WorldSuicidePreventionDay. The number of people in my life who have committed or attempted suicide including family members, friends, colleagues and others is sadly a large one and today is yet another reminder of both what happened to them and what might have been.

Accidentally placed my bets on last year’s @KentuckyDerby Still lost.

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Kirk Herbstreit for the win. Please listen to all of it.

Here is one Buckeye to whom this Wolverine gives much respect. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Truth. Mask up or risk getting tied to the stake.  🔥

Truth. Mask up or risk getting tied to the stake. 🔥

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