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Stand up comic/mixed martial arts fanatic/psychedelic adventurer Host of The Joe Rogan Experience #FreakParty

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This book is awesome. James Nestor is the guest on the podcast today and I listened to this audiobook beforehand. Most people have no idea how to do breathing exercises and how beneficial they are. I learned a…

The exact moment when @hannibalburess found out he tested negative for COVID-19. We had a great time on the podcast!

I had a really enjoyable conversation with Alan Levinovitz, author of “Natural.” 3 1/2 hours went by like nothing! I hope you folks enjoy it as much as I did!

Fresh air and exercise with my buddy marshallmaerogan!

Summertime elk steaks on the @traegergrills! Woooooo!

The always hilarious @ComedienneMsPat ("Last Comic Standing") brings her in-your-face personality and the big laughs, July 9-11. 

You won't want to miss this:

The always hilarious @ComedienneMsPat ("Last Comic Standing") brings her in-your-face personality and the big laughs, July 9-11. You won't want to miss this:

I first learned of “The Book Of Five Rings” when I was a teenager obsessed with martial arts and the mindset required to succeed in intense competition. No better person to learn from than a samurai from 400 years…

Quoted @washingtonpost

Perspective: It is time to reconsider the global legacy of July 4, 1776

Fuck Off

Thank you to @FireNeanderthal for the killer cutting board and chumneyknives for the dope blade!

I had a great conversation with Barbara Freese, author of the excellent book “Industrial Strength Denial.” It’s a detailed look at how corporations faced with evidence that they’re ruining the earth have found a way…

One of my favorite people I follow in sheer awe is stefaniemillinger. Her insane displays of strength and balance highlight what is possible with the human body given an insane level of dedication and courage.…

Every now and then I like to pull out this picture of the great Russian wrestler Aleksander Karelin, just to remind myself of what a tremendous pussy I am.

If anyone asks me “what kind of stuff do you talk about on your podcast?” I’m gonna send them this. Talking about bears eating you dick first with the great @kyledunnigan

More problems with my bitch ass shins. This lockdown has given me a chance to really focus on my striking and it’s given me renewed enjoyment in kicking and punching but these bitch ass shins are having a hard time…

Thank you to @killcliff for the dope fridge filled with CBD beverage goodness! Fits right into the studio.

Backstage at the @improvhouston with two Texas legends, dancrenshawtx and @williedlive! Thank you to everyone that came out to the shows. It made me really, really appreciate how lucky I am to be able to do stand…

Vegas! They’re not letting us do the show on July 10 so we’ve rescheduled it to December 11. Sorry for the hassle! Stay safe!

World champion kickboxer, mixed martial artist competing for @bellatormma, all around cool motherfucker and the manliest of manly men, the great and powerful @JoeSchilling187!

I can’t recommend this book enough, and yesterday it came out on paperback. After the podcast the hardcovers were all sold out, but the audio and kindle versions are also available. It’s an INSANE story that took Tom…

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