Jim Benson

Jim Benson



Conservative Christian American who believes in the American Dream. Pro- life and believer in the right to Free Speech. Follow 4 Follow. ❌ I BLOCK STUPID #MAGA

Joined on April 06, 2016

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@jmbenson1491 aw shizzle

3 minutes ago

@jmbenson1491 Thanks, Jim! 😍

Quoted @Karensm03757774

@jmbenson1491 Well that rules me out ever returning to Texas, don’t it!

Let the Blue State have their sh*tholes... Texas is fine! https://t.co/ad4iSqGkrv

15 minutes ago

@jmbenson1491 I lost almost 600. Now, a few everyday. It means we must be doing something right. 😁

@jmbenson1491 And normal.

Quoted @AZRockRDude

@jmbenson1491 Never relent. I have less than 2000 followers and I won't be silenced regardless how many people I reach.

Amen Eric! I remember when I had 12 followers and tweeted away! https://t.co/2ed0E8EGaD

17 minutes ago

@jmbenson1491 Yep, yep and yep!

Quoted @Bostonianbatwa1

Paid cronies with 1st stimulus to rig election. Paid hospitals to overstate #Covid deaths to create hysteria. Paid rioters to create a sense of civil unrest. Paid #Americans $600 to stay in your home nearly a year. All with your money! This is just the start! https://t.co/ilay2JPUeQ

You ain't kidding friend! https://t.co/iVTBwYENQA

The list is fleshing out nicely! How about moral, law-abiding, working class? https://t.co/hUyszRnUcD

@jmbenson1491 That word “southern “ should be “rural”.

@jmbenson1491 what if you're a white, straight, republican, gun owning, southern christian?

Quoted @dolcemaryse

@jmbenson1491 I lost literally all my followers

Friends, please follow and retweet this patriot! Thank you! https://t.co/wG3IpmUF6H

Joe Haz
33 minutes ago

Quoted @jmbenson1491

Friends, I'm not sure how much longer I can be viable on this platform. I've lost over 20K and plummetting! Please follow and retweet if your not already following. Please retweet if you are following. We need as big a platform as possible to make any kind of difference!

#HoldTheLine https://t.co/mr3mLda8Yo

Quoted @Elizabe47303950

@jmbenson1491 All controlled by China. Fox News is not our friend.

Fox foxed itself... https://t.co/uEoeoEFrQ1

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