Jessica Eye

Jessica Eye



UFC #1 Flyweight #1 Contender from Cleveland Ohio 😈. Booking & interview request send to #UFC #Cleveland #eyebelieve

Las Vegas, NV
Joined on August 16, 2010

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Woof woof fellas !!! @Browns

Talent is a gift. Success is earned.

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Pot heads make the world go round


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@jessicaevileye its friday!!! No more pretending!!!

Friday .. Friday.. Friday ...

I love Tyler Childers ... πŸ”₯

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@jessicaevileye Hope all is well jess

😊 thanks. Things are really great right .

Sometimes you miss moments not people .

I heard this recently and resonated with me big time. " you can't love the hate out of someone " ....

Dear Covid, Can you stop attacking my friends please. . Thanks jess . p.s. You're a real ass hole.

A #Leo will go the extra mile for someone else, but would rather not ask for favors because of their ego.

Monday morning feeling

Monday morning feeling

πŸ“»Today on Unlocking The Cage w/@jimmysmithmma from 2-5pm ET πŸ“ž: 877-344-4893 -Should 170lb win get you 155 title shot? -"TRT Vitor" style nicknames that we gave fighters -Rewatch Report Suggestions -Do you have any embarrassing Zoom moments? PLUS: @jessicaevileye - 4pm ETπŸ‘Š

Are you sure2020 is crazy. Might really be thursday

Tuesday... Tuesday.... Tuesday πŸ‘»

β€œ If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more then your a leader. β€œ . . #jessicaeye #simonsenik #eyebelieve #dreamteam #ufc @ Las Vegas, Nevada

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