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Writing for MMAFighting until I’m dead or they find someone better. First Apostle of the Church of Gaethjesus

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Quoted @StereotypeLuke

I don’t think Khabib likes Conor, you guys

Imagine being the best P4P fighter on the planet, the GOAT of your division and arguably of the sport in general, and constantly having to talk about a dude you already beat the shit out of. You can feel all that in Khabib's note-perfect response here.

This week on @MMAFighting’s #BetweentheLinks, @JedKMeshew and TSN’s @aaronbronsteter take part in one of the best BTL matchups ever as they talk Khabib vs. Gaethje, UFC 254, the fallout of UFC Fight Island 6, and more.

Morning Report: Conor McGregor argues he was beating Khabib Nurmagomedov until the submission

Morning Report: Conor McGregor argues he was beating Khabib Nurmagomedov until the submission

Quoted @espnmma

For the first time in his career, @dc_mma will be on the broadcast for his teammate @TeamKhabib’s fight. DC describes how he'll approach #UFC254 fight week, including not being in the room for Justin Gaethje's meeting with the commentary team.

Good for DC to try and do his best to mitigate any negative effects this could have but it's shocking to me that the UFC is allowing him to work this event.

Y’all remember when DC blatantly cheated to make weight and we all just gave him a pass like nothing happened? Oh MMA

Quoted @FullMetalDojo

Oh hey! Didn’t se you there! Up and Coming on Camsoda! (see what we did there?) Tell your friends!

Oh hey! Didn’t se you there!

Up and Coming on Camsoda!
(see what we did there?)

Tell your friends!

Let's fucking go!

I don’t know much about baseball but it seems like throwing the ball only outside of the strike zone or a as a tater to get mashed is not optimal strategy for a pitcher.

Quoted @JoshCrewsReally

What's the most 90s concert you ever attended?

Does Jimmy Eat World opening for Green Day count or is that early 2000s?

Brandon McManus gonna win someone their fantasy matchup this week.

Quoted @MMAFighting

.@BrianTCity says he's 'in love again' with learning: "I hate fighting... The training is where it was at for me." Watch full video:

Lost in everything this weekend is the revelation that Brian Ortega is actually just an average looking dude, but his killer flow made him a handsome individual. We’ve all be had.

That 12th round from Lopez was something worth remembering. Legitimate legend shit right there. Nothing but respect for that man who had glory on the table and took it with both hands. Boxing fucking rules.

Lopez deserves this. Loma pissed away all the early rounds and in the 12th, where Loma is at best looking to snag a tie, Lopez put his nuts in the table and wanted it more. Loma gonna regret everything about tonight for the next few months. #LomaLopez

Loma starts trying and he starts winning. Amazing how that works.

UGA, KZ, and Loma lost tonight and I was at a gathering with my ex girlfriend and her boyfriend. Can’t imagine a worse possible Saturday night.

Again, I’m just a dude drunk on the couch. But seems better to lose in my shield than lose because I’m literally just not doing anything. That feels like the worst way to be knocked off your pedestal.

I am not a world class athlete. I never have been one. And thus take full grains of salt here: but I’ve never understood losing for lack of effort. It seems so straightforward from the couch. Just, try. Like, do something instead of nothing and let the chips fall where the may.

Fights like this are always fascinating to me because there’s no way Loma or his corner think they are winning. They literally aren’t doing anything and the fight is half over. What is the game plan? For the favorite, not having one seems insane.

Regret. Loma has put forth zero offense. I’m not smart enough to know if that’s a him thing or Lopez doing stuff. But it’s not cool

Loma is just not fighting and if he loses like this, he’s going to referee everything about this fight

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