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Some donkey at the Wall Street Journal. Big fan of yours. Complaints: jason.gay@wsj.com

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Jason Gay
13 minutes ago

Quoted @BenRothenberg

Lorenzo Musetti looks and sees that his opponent is standing way, way, way back, and so he wisely hits a short underhand serve and wins the point. Players should be doing this! Players should be practicing this! It's the only way to keep the Thiems of the returning world honest. https://t.co/6EzwodnM51

Yep! Endorsed!! https://t.co/hU620ivEX0

Making friends as an adult is hard. Making friends as an adult in new city during a pandemic is even harder, but not impossible. Here's how to do it. https://t.co/x4gwCPoCPq via @WSJ

The Tokyo Olympics has a dilemma: The U.S., often the biggest Olympic delegation and the biggest winner, also has one of the world's highest coronavirus infection rates. https://t.co/mAcw26PUJ8

what a kickass piece of reporting on NHL bubble v reality @emilymkaplan @wyshynski https://t.co/uD2WGrW6Cx

Jason Gay
19 hours ago

Quoted @ShamsCharania

NBA icon Michael Jordan is starting a NASCAR team with Denny Hamlin and his first driver is Bubba Wallace.

I think this is neat. https://t.co/HN2FSV3Y1m

Jason Gay
20 hours ago

I sat at a desk on a live TV show next to @katienolan - The Crowd Goes Wild, the most important TV show of the past 70 years - and she's aces. But pls don't take my word for it. Our boss, Regis, also knew she was great. And Regis did more live TV than anyone in the history of TV.

Jason Gay
21 hours ago

Quoted @thepressboxpod

New podcast is up: —RBG and the Election —Stanley Crouch (1945-2020) —@jasongay on pandemic sportswriting, the US Open, and interviewing Roger Angell https://t.co/1p7jmBO5GV

quite the listen https://t.co/yWaqdbguC7

He worked for Hillary Clinton and Mike Huckabee. He was a cop and a Walmart exec. He's equally beloved by fans at Michigan and Ohio State. Thomas Mars is the most interesting man in college football. And it's not especially close. https://t.co/eXTM1XMO0z

From Paris to Disney World’s NBA bubble, we’re in a golden age of Slovenian sport. Cc: @TinaMaze https://t.co/rzwRtP7yLW

Honestly, it’s a relief to see a bunch of “OH GODs” in the Twitter timeline and you’re all just talking about the Jets.

Quoted @cyclingreporter

"Radio Tour is warning the riders to watch out, that Daryl Impey has no brakes." —NBC

And the Champs turns into a Mr. Bean movie. https://t.co/Kte415qZoY

apple picking is toddler coachella

I don’t know what to compare this to. It’s sort of like a Fiat convertible winning the Daytona 500.

Ready for Paris @LeTour thank you @TamauPogi @TeamUAEAbuDhabi https://t.co/NFisS1qGI5

A Campy Colnago is going to win the Tour de France. This bike has a lot to say on group rides. https://t.co/Y0nbvLaJJA

Quoted @JoshRobinson23

What an utterly insane day at the bike race. A 21-year-old from Slovenia is going to win the Tour de France tomorrow. https://t.co/0DdXY0nqeG

There are datelines and there are datelines. The inimitable Josh Robinson (@JoshRobinson23) from: LA PLANCHE DES BELLES FILLES, France https://t.co/oh7OKDiqEW

My wife reminds me she told our daughter she had “a cookie with your name on it” which resulted, moments later, with: “hey my name is not on this cookie.”

One of the pleasures of small children is explaining idioms. “You missed the boat.” “WHAT BOAT!?!???”

Quoted @SonOfCrow2

@jasongay Don’t forget he’s on full campy

THIS TOO 👇 https://t.co/GGJamROUw7

A Colnago in Yellow, Fignon / Lemond throwback, race of truth — it’s a geezer Masters Christmas!!

Jumbo Visma team bus https://t.co/jKBgKWNXqD

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